Building urban traffic culture
Updated : Wednesday, March 13, 2019 9:03 AM (GMT+0700)

Along with the pace of socio-econ and urbanization development, means oftransport in urban areas across the province has been increasing rapidly.Therefore, the work of ensuring traffic order and safety, building urban civilizationlifestyle is determined by localities as a significant task and numerouspractical solutions are being implemented.

Traffic participants at the intersection of Hung Vuong Street-Nguyen Hue have surveillance
cameras on a constant basis

Asa locality with the highest traffic volume in the province, especiallymotorbikes, traffic safety and order situation in Tuy Hoa city always has manypotential risks of unsafety. The cause of this situation is mainly rooted fromthe self-awareness of those participating in traffic. Every day on the downtownroads, we easily catch the image of traffic participants who are deliberatelycrossing the traffic lights, going in the opposite direction, encroaching onthe road, zigzagging, overspeeding…

Accordingto Tuy Hoa city’s Traffic Police of Tuy Hoa, one of the most common violationsof traffic safety at present is encroaching on the roadside as a place ofbusiness and trade that obstructs the traffic. On the roads of Ngo Quyen andLuong Van Chanh, which passes through Tuy Hoa market, the roadside is not wide,but many small businesses have encroached into business places, making it verydifficult for vehicles to pass through. Besides, the entering of large trucksof over 10 tons and containers over many crowded roads in the city center ispretty much, and this leads to traffic disorder.

Determiningthe awareness of traffic participants plays an important role in ensuringtraffic safety order, the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee has directedlocalities to focus on implementing effective traffic safety propaganda models,especially in creating the culture for people when participating in traffic.

“InTuy Hoa City, local authorities have instructed communes and wards tostrengthen the traffic safety propaganda to people, especially in areas of busstations, markets etc. Through the peak of propaganda and handling, thesituation of encroachment on the roadside for people's business is limited. Inaddition to setting up propaganda tables at traffic signal lights, the cityoften hangs banners and billboards to propagate traffic safety on the roads. Inrecent years, associations and unions in the city also have many effectivepropaganda models such as the autonomous youth road section, the self-governingveteran's road section, the propaganda of traffic safety at public places byimages ”, said Vo Ngoc Kha, Chairman of Tuy Hoa City People's Committee.

Alsoaccording to Mr. Kha, recently, the city has erased many black spots on trafficaccidents such as painting speed humps before intersections along Le Duan roadextended, traffic circle at Le Duan Street - Nguyen Huu Tho. Such routes as VoThi Sau and Tan Trao etc. are reinforced with plastic carpet. The locality hhasalso directed the functional forces to promote the use of cold penalties at trafficcameras installed at certain intersections.

InSong Cau Town, Mr. Vo Ngoc Thach, Head of Urban Management Department, saysthat in order to ensure smooth traffic, the town has just completed the repairof Trung Trinh - Vung La road, the road to the center of Xuan Lam commune, BinhNong - Long Phuoc - Cao Phong road, the roads of Xuan Loc commune ... Besides,Song Cau town has installed 40 road name boards on the inner city routes.

Inaddition, the locality has effectively implemented the model of Building aregulations on traffic safety propaganda table at traffic lights. Wheneverstopping to wait for the red light, the pedestrians can read the contents offines for some common law violations on traffic safety that have listed on theboard.

Source: PhuYen Newspaper

Translated byHAI LOAN

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