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Updated : Saturday, January 05, 2019 9:44 AM (GMT+0700)

The provincial directing board foradministrative reforms (AF), electronic government (EG) and IT application (IT)has just implemented the tasks for the year 2019. At this meeting,  the delegates discussed, assessed theachievements and proposed lots of solutions for the sake of higher quality inAR in the province. Below are some brief ideas recorded by Phu Yen Newspaper.

The “one door” section of Phu Hoa district applying IT to deal with administration for the


Currently,the province has determined AR and constructing EG are the top priority issuesto head towards constructing the modern, efficient administration to meet thetrend of fast and sustainable socio-eco development all over the nation andwell serving the inhabitants as well as the enterprises.

Accordingly,the province continues to enhance the task of AR and putting AR into practicaland quality manner. Simultaneously, constructing the EG, enhancing theapplication of IT into the administrative operation of the offices and units. 

ThePPC directs the departments, sectors and localities to more closely follow toconsult the directing board. The task in need of implementation right from thebeginning of the year 20019 is the introduction of the center of publicadministration for the inhabitants and enterprises to implement all procedureshere. Once the provincial level center of public administration works well, theplans will be taken to implement at district and commune level; drasticallyimplement the public email system.

Inthe directing and monitoring task of AR, the PPC concentrates on leading,directing the implementation in the timely, close drastic manner; theconcentration is enhancing AP, improving investment and trading environment,enhancing IT application in operation, management and construction of EG,arranging and organizing the mechanism in a neat way to ensure the efficientoperation, enhancing the discipline, administrative rules to contribute toconstructing the democratic, professional, modern, efficient administration toserve the citizens and meet the requirements in the new situation.

MR. NGUYEN THE TRUNG, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OFDIRECTORS OF THE ONE-MEMBER DTT TECHNOLOGY JSC, Member of the directing board:Administrative reforms are begun from changing the human.

Recently, thetask delegation of Vietnam government came to Russia under the cooperativeprogram of the two countries, sightseeing the model of “one electronic door” ofRussia.  Thedelegation acknowledged that traditional European countries, particularlyRussia, have assigned all of the administrative tasks to post offices. Next,the central government will issue pilot schemes to transfer the “one-door”service to the post offices in some localities before multiplying nationwide.

Thisis the issue in need of pondering by Phu Yen province in the future, at the“one door” sections at district and communal level or even at hamlet postoffices. I highly appreciate the efforts of AR in the past time of Phu Yen,including the enhancement of index improvement.

Forme, Phu Yen should have one orientation towards re-structure the infrastructureto  serve the national EG; it is a properadvocacy to concentrate all the tasks on the public administration centre. Itis to ensure the infrastructure safety to take the AP to the independentoutside and this also makes it easier for the inhabitants to get access. Forthe long time, Phu Yen needs to concentrates on IT to serve all of thegovernment’s demands as well as for a smart city; there is the link using thecloud management software system.

MR. LE TY KHANH, VICE DIRECTOR IN CHARGE OF THEDEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION-INFORMATION: heading towards the digitalization andimplementation of major and synchronous applications 

With thedrastic directions of the PPC and the coordination among departments sectorsand localities in implementing the IT plans in the state operation in theperiod of 2016-2020 and in the year 2018; so far the assigned targets have beenbasically reached in comparison with the plans.

Efficientlyusing the general software of the province in the direction of renting servicesand constructing database for the majors, ready to receive and efficiently usethe ministries’application softwares, to ensure that to the year 2020, 100% ofofficial correspondence will be dealt with the use of the province’s generalsoftwares.

Inthe coming time, the department of communication-information and the provincewill continue implementing the plans of IT within the state office operation.Up to June 30th, 2019, all of the units directly depending on thedepartments, sectors, the people’s committee at district and communal levelswill send and receive official correspondence using the inter-axis and dealingwith official correspondence using the system of monitoring directing system;100% of the official correspondences will have cyber e-signatures.

Simultaneouslyimplementing the application of e-signatures within state offices;digitalization and implementing the synchronous application; receiving andsolving the ideas, entanglements from the inhabitants and enterprises asrelated to AP via the operators…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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