Helping rural youth build career
Updated : Thursday, July 12, 2018 10:06 AM (GMT+0700)

Phu Yen provincial Youth Union has trained science andtechnology transfer and new methods of agricultural production for more than100 young people in Tay Hoa district. This isone of activities to help rural youth have conditions to develop economy, buildtheir career and get rich legitimately.

The provincial Agencies block’s Youth Union giving tissue culture bananas and guiding on
planting technique  to young people in Son Hoa district

At thetraining class with more than 100 rural youth, Head of Technical Division ofthe Livestock Breeding and TechniqueCenter (Phu YenDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Development) Vu Thi Minh Thu directly gaveinstruction of techniques to raise broiler chickens and skinks. In addition,attendants were also introduced some models of raising chickens and skinks withnew technology in the province; technique of handling cages, methods of careand select breeding in order for chickens and skinks to grow well. 

Mr. Ngo TrungViet in Hoa Thinh commune, one of the attendants, let known, "My familyraises nearly 50 chickens in the traditional way. Every morning, I feed them,then let them free in the garden until evening, so they are often sick and growslowly. Today, I find it very useful to be instructed techniques of raisingbroiler chickens by experts. After this training, I will buy more chickens andexpand the farm to develop my family economy".

According toMr.Tran Minh Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Youth Union cum Chairmanof Phu Yen Student Association, in the past years, the movement of"Accompany with youth to build career" has been concerned by Unionsand Associations at all levels, giving conditions for young people to accessadvances in science and technology, conversion of plants and animals throughclasses of training and transfer of science and technology.

With their owneffort and support from Unions, Associations, numerous rural young people havebuilt their career for families, creating more jobs and increasing income forlocal workers. Mr. Nguyen Tan Sanh (born in 1985, in Phu Tan 1 village, An Cucommune, Tuy An district) is one of hundreds of Phu Yen young people maturingfrom the movement. From a poor family, with his own efforts, through thecommunal Youth Union, he borrowed 40 million dongs from the branch of SocialPolicy Bank- Tuy An Branch to invest in raising tiger shrimp with mud crabs.Since then, he has revived the family economy and has conditions to set upenterprise of pure water production. "Every day, our company supply to themarket hundreds of standard pure water bottles; creating stable jobs for 7local laborers with salary of from 3 to 4,5 million dongs per person per month.After deducting expenses, my family earns over 200 million dongs per year. Thecompany is expanding production facilities and investing more trucks forshipping", said Mr.Sanh.

"Aftersurveying actual needs and aspirations for approaching advances of science andtechnology and new production methods in agriculture of rural youth in theprovince, the provincial Youth Union Standing Committee organized trainingclasses, focusing on transferring topics which are new, creative and highlyapplied in socio-econo conditions of the localities. The program isenthusiastically responded and attended by youth union members. Besides thetransfer of science and technology in production, the Committee has alsofocused on supporting youth to expand production chain linking food safety andhygiene, connecting with enterprises to support the output of agriculturalproducts of the youth. This will help them develop economy, set up business andget rich legitimately ", said Mr.Tran Minh Tri, Deputy Secretary of theprovincial Youth Union cum Chairman of Phu Yen Students Association.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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