Continue to curb traffic accidents
Updated : Monday, July 09, 2018 2:51 PM (GMT+0700)

Sincethe beginning of the year, despite the reduction in traffic accidents (TA) inthe province in all of the 3 criteria, it is not sustainable. In order toreduce traffic and curb TA during the last months of the year, the ProvincialBoard of Traffic safety (TS) has proposed lots of concrete solutions. Asrelated to this issue, Phu Yen Newspaperinterviewed Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tri, Director of the Department of Traffic andtransportation, Standing deputy chairman of the Provincial TS Board.

Traffic policemen propagating on traffic safety for students in Son Hoa district

* Can you let known aboutthe achievements in order and TS of the province during the first 6 months ofthe year?

- Continue to implement theOrder 18 of the Secretariat of the central Party Committee on enhancing theleadership of the Party towards the task of order and TS, in the roads,railroads, domestic waterways and overcome the entanglements in trafficcongestion during the first 6 months of 2018, the locality organized numerousactivities to propagate on TS. Through which, lots of propagating models havedeveloped the efficiency, namely the programs of “traffic culture within theschools”, “enhancing the propagation on law of TS in public places”….

During the first 6 months ofthe year, traffic accidents in the province all reduced in three 3 criteria inthe number of cases, death tolls and injuries, against the same period lastyear. The entire province had 61 people die and 91 injuries. In concrete, TSshad a reduction of 21 cases, a reduction of 9 deaths and 4 injuries. The two districtshaving intensive reduction of cases are Dong Xuan and Dong Hoa, at 25% to 75%.Through analysis, TSs mainly occurred in the national avenues and urbancenters.

* Besides the achievements,what difficulties are still being faced when it comes to ensuring TS task, sir?

- The task of ensuring TS inthe province in the past time remain some limitations and shortcomings like thetask of propagating, popularizing and educating on the law of TS and trafficorder being not drastically shifting in the awareness, and the law observanceamong traffic participants. Some people have not yet practically considered theissue of obeying the compulsory traffic regulations for the sake of safety ofthemselves and others.

The main reason leading toTA comes from the lack of awareness among the traffic participants like  violatingthe road sides (accounting 28.4%), not observing (accounting for 24.2%), overspending(accounting for 23.2%). The situation of illegal safety pavement occupying isstill ongoing.

 * Facing the complicatedTA situation with the increase trend during the last 6 months of the year,which solutions is the TS board taking, sir?

 - The provincial TS Boardhas directed the units and localities to enhance the forces carrying out thetask to ensure TS at the foundations. Apart from propagating and implementingRailroad Law, it is necessary for the localities to take firm actions toprevent illegal horizontal roads crossing the railroads.

With the theme “trafficsafety for children”, the provincial TS board has directed the units andlocalities to organize lots of programs to propagate TS, mainly focusing on thejuvenile and teenagers.  Particularly with the theme “holding the completedreams”, the provincial TS board donated helmets to all one-graders during theschool year of 2018-2019 in the entire province.

Functional authorities needto timely discover and deal with any violations at high risks of Tas likeover-speeding, taking more passengers than law stipulations, over-alcoholiclevel…; enhancing on checking and dealing with overloading trucks. The striventargets are to continue reducing from 5% to 10% in all of three criteria.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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