Seminar spotlights communications on social networks
Updated : Thursday, June 14, 2018 9:36 AM (GMT+0700)

Communicationson social networks was the topic of discussion during a seminar held at theheadquarters of the Vietnam News Agency(VNA) in Hanoi on June 13, gathering young employees of central agencies,including many journalists.

VNA Deputy General Director Le Quoc Minh speaks at the seminar - Photo: VNA

At the event, participantstalked about influence of communications on the social networks on journalismin Vietnam and challenges facing journalism in the digital age. Many proposedmeasures to improve awareness of extreme contents and fake news on the socialnetworks among young people and how young journalists should properly accessand process news and information on the social networks.

They also advised competentauthorities on how to enhance regulations to effectively manage information onthe social networks and the Internet at large.

Speaking of the fightagainst fake news and social responsibility of the press, VNA Deputy General Director Le Quoc Minh said fake news are rampanton the social networks today and not only readers but also the mainstream pressin Vietnam and the world often fall into trap of the fake news. 

Many journalists shared orbroadcasted news from unreliable sources on the Internet without verifyingthem, he noted. Minh urged each social network user to click “like” and “share”with a sense of responsibility.

He moved on to cite the factthat many news outlets are applying a risky way – “Publish first, correct laterif necessary” – as in many cases, the mainstream press published stories withoutchecking their facts. 

Fake news alongside suchmistakes of press agencies in the race with social networks to lure morereaders and increase revenue from advertising have lowered trust from thepublic towards the mainstream media, the VNAleader said.

He suggested the press toactively take action to win back the readers’ trust as it is not only importantto the development of the press but also affect society’s stability.

A representative of the HoChi Minh Communist Youth Union of the Ministry of Justice said young peopleshould improve their knowledge and study technical solutions to prevent fakenews on the Internet and together build a safe social networking environment.

Bui Lan Anh, a young editorfrom the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), saiddespite the robust growth of the social networks, they cannot replacemainstream media outlets. Therefore, the press must take full advantage of thesocial networks and use these online platforms to orient readers.


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