The press was timely, relatively comprehensive, properly orientated towards the situation in all aspects of the province
Updated : Wednesday, May 09, 2018 2:45 PM (GMT+0700)

Mr.NguyenHuu Hiep, Member of the Standing Party Committee, Head of Department ofPropaganda and Training of the Provincial Party Committee, has just presidedover the briefing on the press activities from April 6th to May 7thand media orientation in May 2018.

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Reported at the conference,in the last month, the press has positively reflected timely and relativelycomprehensive the political, economic, cultural, social, security and defensesituation in the province in the right direction.

Newspapers and radiostations have actively built news, articles, special pages, sections, reportswith special contents, rich presentation forms, full and bold propaganda forthe activities celebrating the key holidays, important political events of thecountry and the province, especially the activities within the framework of PhuYen Culture and Tourism Week 2018; Hung King's death anniversary and the 43rdanniversary of the Liberation of the South region, the reunification of thecountry, the 132nd International Labor Day (May 1st, 1886- May 1st, 2018) and the 10th Phu Yen Provincial TradeUnion Congress.

Besides, the propaganda onimplementing the major tasks and solutions for socio-economic development aswell as the state budget estimation in 2018; deploying the tasks following the investmentpromotion conferences, the activities of popularization, investment attraction,tourism stimulus... are paid attention to report by the mass media.

In May, the press focuses onpropagating the event and results of the seventh meeting of the Central Party Committeeof the 12th Party Central Committee; the preparation work, happeningsand content of the fifth session of the National Assembly - Term 14;intensifying the propaganda of the resolutions of the sixth congress of theParty Central Committee - Term 12, the plans of the Provincial Party Committee toimplement the above resolutions; continuing to propagandize implementing theaction programs and plans of the Provincial Party Committee to conduct theresolutions of the fifth congress of the Party Central Committee - Term 12;implementing the resolutions of the 4th Party Central Committee(term 12) on "Strengthening the Party building and reorganization; preventing,removing the degeneration of political ideology, ethics, lifestyles, internal "self-changing","self-evolving" manifestations" associated with conductingDirective 05-CT/TW of the Politburo on "Promote learning and following theideals, ethics and style of President Ho Chi Minh"; continuing propagatingDirective No. 22-CT/TU dated March 21st, 2018 of the StandingProvincial Party Committee on deploying the tasks following the investmentpromotion conference in Phu Yen province in 2018; implementing the conclusionsof Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the meeting with the provincial leaders accordingto the spirit of Plan 75/KH-UBND, dated March 29th, propagating theaction program No. 02/CTr-UBND dated April 10th, 2018 by the ProvincialPeople's Committee to implement the tasks following the Phu Yen provincial investmentpromotion conference in 2018...

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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