Developing efficiency of the capital loans provided to the farmers
Updated : Tuesday, May 08, 2018 11:20 AM (GMT+0700)

Inrecent years, Tuy Hoa city’s farmer association has been actively implementinglots of measures to help farmers in the locality to get access to the capitalloans of the bank of social policy and Agribank to do business. Thanks to this,lots of farmers have obtained favorable conditions to invest in planting,breeding for high economic values.

Thanks to the loan capital, numerous farmers in Tuy Hoa city have invested in
planting bonsai, creating high income for the families

The family of Mr. Tran VanCuong (Chinh Nghia hamlet, An Phu commune) is one of the households getting ridof poverty thanks to the preferential capital loans. Via the commune’s  farmers’association, Mr. Cuong is provided the 30-million-dong loan by Phu Yen branch-bank of social policy to buy 13 breed goats. Mr. Cuong has been actively learntabout the breeding techniques, applying the practical experiences into theprocess of breeding, constructing the farms to the right manner, thanks tothis, the herbs of goats have developed quite well with the total number ofover 150 goats. Mr. Cuong excitedly shared, “with the price of meat goat from100,000 dongs to 200,000 dongs per kilo, the price of breed goat is from120,000 to 140,000 dongs/kilo, after all expenses being deducted, my family canearn an average annual profit of 250 to 300 million dongs. Therefore, thefamily’s life is better”.

Not only the family of Mr.Cuong know how to develop the loan capital to do business and get rid ofpoverty but currently in Tuy Hoa city, there are hundreds of farmer householdshave got access to the loan capital sources and properly used the purposes,obtained the favorable conditions to do efficiently do business. Mr. Le TrungHai, chairman of An Phu commune’s farmers’ association, let known, “currently,there are nearly 600 farmer members in the commune obtain the capital loansfrom the bank of social policy and Agribank with the overdue debts of over 27 billiondongs and more and more people have the demands of capital loans to expandproduction…”.

According to Mr. Huynh KhacHieu, Chairman of Tuy Hoa city’s  farmers’association, understanding the difficulties and the demands in obtainingcapital loans to do business among the inhabitants, on an annual basis, thecity’s farmers’ association has created the favorable conditions for thefarmers to get access to the prudential capital sources from Agribank and Bankof social policy. To assist the farmer members to obtain enough conditions toget the loans, the foundations of the association coordinates with thelocalities’ governments to establish the groups of capital loans on the basisof the farmer branches under the right instructions. After having the names ofloan-makers, the foundations would supervise for the members to properly usethe capital, instruct  them how to dobusiness to overcome poverty. Besides, the farmers’ associations in wards,communes develop the capital source from the farmer supporting fund with 200million dongs, and this increases the total capital source of the city’s fundfor supporting farmers up to 400 million dongs and provided short-term loans to41 households with such purposes of buying fertilizers, producing rice,planting flowers, being small merchants with the amount of over 300 milliondongs.

Mr. Hieu lets known that inthe coming time, directions continue to be given to all levels of theassociation to construct and develop the fund of supporting farmers to reachthe target; surveying the households with demands in loans to give concreteinstructions, so that more farmer members can get access to the preferentialloan capitals to do business and get rid of poverty. Besides, the levels of theassociation are going to coordinate with functional authorities to organizeconferences, training classes, transferring, applying technique, science ofproducing and rotating rice plants, vegetables, bonsais….; organize IPMprogram, program 1 must 5 reduce, sparsely sowing, using plant-protective drugsand fertilizes in a compatible way for the members, farmers to obtain knowledgeand get better-off.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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