Joining hands to protect the sovereignty and security of the coastal region
Updated : Saturday, April 21, 2018 10:30 AM (GMT+0700)

Aftermore than 3 years of implementing Order 01/CT-TTg dated January 9th,2015 by the Prime Minister on constructing the movement of “the entirepopulation joining hands to protect the sovereignty and security of thenational border in the new situation” (order 01/TTg) in the province, theawareness, responsibilities of all levels, sectors and unions have beenenhanced and the movement is getting more widespread intensively and extensivelyamong the population, which contributes to protecting the sovereignty andnational border’s security.

Fishermen supplying and exchanging the information with the frontier border guard

Colonel Dang Phu Quoc,deputy head of the provincial frontier border command post’s Party committee,let known : to well implement the order 01/TTg, with the functions ad tasks,the Party Committee-the command post of the provincial frontier border guardhave consulted the PPC to construct the plan for implementing this order andmobilized the movement “ the entire population taking part in protecting thenational coastal sovereignty (PNCS), security and order (SO) in the hamlets,residential areas in the coastal regions of the province”.

So far, in 27 communes,wards, town lets of the provincial coastal areas, the border stations havemobilized and consulted the local governments to issue the decisions toacknowledge 249 collectives with 5,735 members taking part in the movement;efficiently maintaining the operation of 113 groups of safe vessels; 372groups of self managing the SO, 24 groups of self managing sea ports withthousands of means of transportation and more than ten thousand participants.

Lieutenant colonel Le XuanPhu, politician at Xuan Dai frontier border guard, asserted that after morethan 2 years of implementing the order 01/TTg, the SO situation along thefrontier border line under the management of Xuan Dai frontier border stationhas shown positive shifts; the people have been more aware in combating,preventing the actions adversely affecting SO, violating the environment, particularlythe actions of violating the sea’s sovereignty and security.

“Since participating thegroup of safe vessels, particularly the movement “the entire populationparticipating in PNCS and SO of the hamlets and the provincial coastalquarters”, we fishermen have been much closer and feel determined and peacefulin mind to conduct offshore exploiting. Everybody is ready to share informationof fishing points, therefore, the exploitation of seafood has been moreefficient. Whenever discovering any foreign vessels violating our nation’scoastal sovereignty, we immediately inform the frontier border guard for timelydealing”, fisherman Nguyen Van Hien, captain of fishing vessel numbered PY94577TS (Xuan Thanh ward, Song Cau town), lets known.

In order to develop theoverall strength of all levels of women association and joining hands with thefrontier border guard, we enhance the tasks of propagating, constructing theborder areas, sea regions into a comprehensively strong area, ensuring thepolitical security, firmly protecting the border’s security and sovereignty,the frontier border guard and the provincial women’s association have signedthe Coordination Program for the period of 2017-2022.

According to Mrs. Tran ThiBinh, Vice chairwoman of the Provincial Women’s Association, after the frontierborder guard and the provincial women’s association have signed the program ofcoordinating, the provincial women associations in the districts, town and cityhave also signed the coordinating program with one frontier border station

“The coordination program isaimed at enhancing the task of propagating, mobilizing and enhancing theawareness, responsibilities of the cadres, women at all levels, particularlywomen in the coastal regions, the soldiers of the provincial frontier borderguard, the policies of the Party, law of the State.

Simultaneously enhancing theoperation of the women association in the foundations of the coastal regions;constructing the close relationship between the women association and thefrontier border guard in order to construct the strong political foundations,participating in developing economy, culture, society, consolidating thenational defense-security in the locality, contributing to firmly protectingthe sovereignty of the Nation’s sea and islands”, colonel Dang Phu Quoc added.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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