Asserting the results over 10 years of establishment
Updated : Friday, May 19, 2017 9:42 AM (GMT+0700)

Through a lot of exalting and practical activities towards trade union’s members and grassroots, over 10 years of construction and development (2007-2017), the Provincial Trade Union has confirmed its role in the task of accompanying with specialized departments in agencies and units, contributing to excellently completing the assigned political tasks.

The competition on state administrative reforms among the provincial civil servants organized by the Provincial Trade Union for Officials

The Provincial Trade Union for Officials has directly managed 50 grassroots trade union organizations with 2,920 union members out of 2,982 public servants, civil servants and employees. According to Ms. Tran Pham Tuy Van, Chairwoman of the Provincial Trade Union for Officials, organizing and launching patriotic emulation movements is one of the significant tasks to promote and improve the efficiency of emulation and commendation work. Therefore, every year, the provincial trade union launches from 2 to 3 short emulations. Especially, the emulation movement of good labor, creative labor; the movement promotion of technical innovation-improvement and practical thrift have been actively responded with many practical contents combined with each field of activity; concretized with the reality of the unit as "Building cultural agencies, working 8 hours with quality and efficiency"; the campaign of “Building loyal, creative, dedicated and exemplary cadres and civil servants” has been deployed and quickly put into the real life by the grassroots in agencies and units.  

The task of caring and protecting legitimate rights and interests of cadres, civil servants and employees has been regularly paid attention by the provincial trade union for officials. The Trade Union proactively proposed saving and cutting administrative expenditures, reducing public expenditures, increasing revenue, and improving the material life of workers and employees. The grassroots coordinated with the government to well-implement the grassroots democracy regulation, especially coordinating with the annual civil servant conference to create the atmosphere of solidarity and democracy in the agencies and units. There have been 35 out of 50 grassroots constructing the Mutual Support Fund, with the accumulated amount of nearly VND 3 billion, of which more than VND 2.5 billion has been solved to lend to 718 trade union members; 20 out of 50 savings groups with a monthly turnover of over VND 570 million has helped 300 trade union members in difficult circumstances.

Ms. Huynh Thi Tuyet Trinh, a member of the Provincial Labor Trade Union, was conferred the support amount for Building the Trade Union’s shelter by the provincial trade union for officials, confided, "My income is enough to cover my daily life, sometimes in needy situation, so I have never dared think of a solid house. The support by the Provincial Trade Union to build house is the most meaningful gift that my family and many other members have received”.

Ms. Tran Pham Tuy Van added: "2017 is the Year for the Benefits of trade union members. Therefore, the Provincial Trade Union for officials will continue to innovate the content and operation mode, to be more closely with the establishments, care and protect the legal rights for workers; improve the quality of patriotic emulation movement; step up the task of propagating law, guidelines, resolutions, conclusions and instructions of the Central and local authorities to the employees; especially well-directing the Congress of the grassroots trade union, towards the third Provincial Trade Union Congress...".

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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