Greetings from Cambodian, Lao ruling parties on CPV’s 89th anniversary
Updated : Sunday, February 03, 2019 9:01 PM (GMT+0700)

The Central Committeeof the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has received greetings from the LaoPeople’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) Central Committee and the CambodianPeople’s Party (CPP) Central Committee on the occasion of the CPV’s 89thfounding anniversary (February 3).

An overview of the CPV's 12th Congress - Photo: VNA

In its message, the LPRP Central Committee congratulatedVietnam on the great, historic, and comprehensive achievements that Vietnamesepeople have gained in the past 89 years, especially during the “Doi Moi”(renewal) cause, under the leadership of the CPV. It said these achievementshave brought in political stability, high economic growth, improved livingconditions, expanded external affairs, and increasingly growing status on theinternational arena for Vietnam.

The Party, State and people of Laos believe that under theleadership of the CPV led by Party General Secretary and President Nguyen PhuTrong, Vietnamese people will continue making more successes in the nationalreform, construction and defence, turning Vietnam into an industrial and moderncountry and completing the target of rich people, a strong nation withdemocracy, equality and civilization.

The LPRP and the CPV both came from the Communist Party ofIndochina, the message said, highlighting that the great friendship, specialsolidarity and comprehensive partnership between the two Parties, States andpeoples have been nurtured and expanded in all fields, benefiting people ofboth countries.

Meanwhile, the CPP Central Committee lauded great attainmentsof Vietnam in socio-economic development and reform and the country’s growth inall fields.

The ruling party of Cambodia spoke highly of the developmentof the solidarity, traditional friendship and comprehensive cooperation betweenthe two Parties, States, Governments and people of Cambodia and Vietnam,showing its determination to continuously reinforce and promote the bilateralties towards the motto of “good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, andcomprehensive and lasting co-operation”.  

The CPV showed its belief that Vietnamese people willcontinue grasping greater success in the future, and fulfilling targets set bythe 12th Party Congress’ resolution.

On the occasion, head of the LPRP Central Committee’sCommission for External Relations Sounthone Sayachac also sent a greetingmessage to her Vietnamese counterpart Hoang Binh Quan.

Source: VNA

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