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Updated : Wednesday, February 06, 2019 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Innovative products are ordered forindividual cadres, civil servants, and for each Phu Yen citizen. The governmentmust listen to the voice of the people, businesses, exploiting the wisdom ofthe people, then having measures closeto the life, breathing in the breathing beat of the society.

Tourists visit the exhibition house to memorize the late General Secretary Tran Phu
at An Tho Citadel (An Dan commune, Tuy An district), a national archaeological relic

Inresponse to the demands of today's development, all localities face newcompetition,  government competition. Agood government will have a strong attraction to investors and will releaseresources in the population. Good government is not by saying slogans andemotional words, but quantified by real values, creating quality administrativeproducts that people enjoy every day.

Inorder to have high quality administrative products, it is necessary to havemodern and scientific reform solutions. Living in a digital age, we are notallowed to apply backward management practices. We talk about the fourthindustrial revolution, technology 4.0, so we cannot operate a machine in manualform.

Currently,Phu Yen province is actively building e-government, focusing on electronicoperating systems, providing online public services to improve theeffectiveness of administration and enhancing transparency in serving peopleand businesses; simultaneously, we are step by step coordinating with units toimplement digital transformation in service of state management andsocio-economic development. Especially, the contents of the scheme ofdigitalizing Vietnamese knowledge system in some main areas such as digitalmaps, natural resources, land, agriculture, tourism, health ...

Inorder to achieve the goal of digitizing administrative activities, requiringevery cadre and civil servant to do our best, changing the awareness, hardlearning, approaching new knowledge, training skills. After all, organizing amodern administrative system is not difficult, the most difficult thing is theperson operating the system.

Increasinggovernment competitiveness is not only with technical solutions, but more importantly,creating smart development plans on the basis of general policies and legalprovisions. This is a challenge for all localities, wherever having outstandinginnovations, there will be superior innovations, so is not different alocality, a country.

Innovativeproducts are ordered for each individual officials, civil servant and for eachPhu Yen citizen. The government must listen to the voice of the people,businesses, to exploit the wisdom of the people, then have a book close to thelife, breathing in the breathing beat of the society.

Eachlocality has its own resources, its own strengths, the problem is how toexploit its resources and strengths. We do not lose our temper to follow themodels that Phu Yen does not have advantages. It is not necessarily that PhuYen must have anything that other localities have. We will build a Phu Yenbrand with impressive and different portraits. In order to be like that, wehave to plan and develop methodically and scientifically, focusing on buildingkey products, bringing images, geographical indications, local brands andcultural essence of this beautiful land.

Naturegives Phu Yen many incentives. We have the sea, the forest, we have many famouslandscapes. This is an invaluable asset that many generations of Phu Yen peoplehave tried to preserve and protect, so today, Phu Yen is known and loved bydomestic and international tourists. It is our responsibility to continue topromote that value, together building this land more beautiful, cleaner,greener, more lovely and attractive. So, each Phu Yen citizen must have theresponsibility to protect, have a polite and civilized attitude towards nature.

Da Dia reef (Tuy An district), a national landscape relic is a destination not to be missed
when visiting Phu Yen

PhuYen coast is clean and beautiful, so every Phu Yen citizen should be proud ofthat, and having the responsibility to increase the natural value with ourr intellectand love. Organizations, unions, young people, students together come up withinitiatives to take care of marine resources.

Determinedto work together to protect and enrich sustainably from the incentives thatnature has bestowed. The dream of a rich and peaceful hometown has come fromthe name “Phu Yen”. We are not rich but peaceful, and we have faith intomorrow.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRONG HAO

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