Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Huynh Tan Viet: The imprints of achievements after 30 years of re-establishment of the province
Updated : Tuesday, February 05, 2019 7:05 AM (GMT+0700)

The year 2019, marking the significant events of Phu Yen provincebeing 30 years after re-establishment of the province. Prior to Ky Hoi LunarNew Year 2019, Phu Yen Newspaper hadthe interview with Comrade Huynh Tan Viet, commissioner of the central PartyCommittee secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of theprovincial people’s council as related to this content as well as other issuesconcerned by readers.

*Dear Sir, the year 2019 marks the event of Phu Yen being 30 years afterreestablishing the province. Can you let known about the province’s outstandingachievements after 30 years of constructing and developing?

On1/7/1989, Phu Yen province was re-established on the foundations of beingseparated from Phu Khanh province. After 30 years of construction anddevelopment, with the highest political determination of the entire Partycommittee, the soldiers and people, so far, we have achieved lots ofsignificant feats and comparatively comprehensive in all sectors, also,basically got rid of poverty state since the year 2010.

Froman economy of being purely agricultural, with production in this sector beingmore than 80% of the economic structures compared with the years newlyseparated, so far, the province’s economic structure has shown positive shiftsin the direction of industrialization and modernization, with the agriculturalproportion being only 23.5% of the locality’s economic structure. The annualeconomic growth rate is fairly high, in which, during the period of 2005-2019,the proportion was  about 10.7%, in theperiod of 2010-2015, about 11.5% and from 2016 to 2018 at about 8.06%.

Theaverage income per person has been so far at 39.7 million dongs, 12 times ashigh as the year 1989. Some concentrated industrial zones and industrial andminor industrial clusters have been formed in the localities; some of theprovince’s industrial products now have the competence of competing in domesticand foreign markets, like sugar, starch, pharmaceutical products, garment,fisheries products…

Theservice sector has developed both in scope and quality, particularly in tourismservices. Traffic infrastructure, hydraulics, electricity, water, communicationhave been invested fairly well invested; the appearance of the urban and ruralareas have shown lots of renovation and development. Currently,100% of communeshave got roads for cars to the center, even the particularly difficultmountainous communes and villages; 100% of communes, hamlets have got nationalelectricity network, and telecommunication waves…

Thesystem of schools, classrooms, medical foundations have developed extensively,which basically meets the demands of studying, health care for the inhabitants.The proportion of poor households has reduced to 5.6%. Nationaldefense-security has been consolidated and enhanced. The political system atall level have been constantly consolidated and solidified, better meeting thedemands in the new situation, with 100% of hamlets, villages, quarters, medicalstations, schools from public pre-school to higher levels have all got Partybranches The position of Phu Yen in the region and the country has been enhanced,creating the new positions for forces for the cause of development in the yearsto come.

*Tohave Phu Yen as today, according to lots of people, it is thanks to the resultsof implementing the breakthrough advocacies, solutions in may tenures of theprovincial Party Congress. How is your opinion?

-For me, to have the current achievements, there are many factors and mostimportant of all are the following: firstly, that is the proper leadership ofthe Provincial Party Committee, concretely showing in each Party Congress onthe basis of permeating the policies and advocacies of the provincial Partycommittee and the State, forecasting the situation and rooting from thelocality’s practical situation, the provincial Party committee has properlydetermined the central points, breakthroughs to lead, direct the constructionand development of the province in each concrete revolutionary period. Secondlyis the strenuous and constant efforts with high political determination of theentire Party committee, people and soldiers in the process of leading,directing and implementing the political tasks.

Onthe foundations of breakthrough advocacies and solutions proposed at each Partycongress, timely constructing the plans and concrete action programs toimplement, during the process of implementation, compatibly supplementing thecentral advocacies and changes of the locality’s implementation situation;mobilizing and developing the overall solidarity strength of the entirepopulation to join hands for constructing and developing the province. Thirdly,during the process of implementing the assignments, the province has alwaysreceived the timely and efficient care, support, direction from the centralgovernment, ministries, sectors, localities, the organizations, individuals,compatriots from in and outside the country…

Tuy Hoa city

* The Party Congress of theprovince, tenure 2015-2020 has set the overall target of “continuing to enhancethe leading competence and combating force of the Party committee; developingdemocracy and the strength of the entire population; concentrating onexploiting the potentials, advantages, making Phu Yen to develop quickly,sustainably and enhancing the people’s spiritual and material strength”;simultaneously determining 18 groups of main targets to make efforts toimplement. So far, after 3 years of implementation, how has the result been,sir?

-On the foundations of permeating the Resolution of the 12th Party congress andthe resolution of the provincial Party congress, tenure 2015-2020, particularlythe overall targets and the groups of breakthrough solutions, the ProvincialParty Committee, the executive board of the provincial Party Committee havetimely issued 6 action plans, 3 resolutions and lots of orders, plans toimplement and concentrate on leading, directing the drastic implementation.

Sofar, after 3 years of implementation, 15 out of 18 criteria have been fairlyachieved with the possibility of achieving and surpassing the CongressResolution assigned for the end of the tenure. The most noteworthy is thesignificant criteria of : the overall social investment capital, state budgetcollection in the locality, the proportion of communes reaching the standard ofnew rural areas, the proportion of trained laborers, reduction proportion ofpoor households, national defense-security, developing new Party members.However, there remain three criteria due to the reasons of difficulties,requiring the entire provincial Party committee and people to continue makingefforts to achieve.

Asfor the year 2018, 18 out of 18 main criteria assigned by the provincial Partycommittee have been achieved, outstanding of which are : the economicdevelopment rate surpassed the annual plan and higher than the previous year;state budget collection surpassing 64.4% o the estimated calculation of thecentral government and surpassing 14.3% of the estimated calculations of theprovince, marking an increase of 22.6%; mobilizing the total investment forsocial development surpassing 0.1% of the annual plan and increasing 25.4%; thetotal export turnover surpassing 1% and increasing nearly 9%; the percentage oftourists coming to the province surpassing 11% of the annual plan andincreasing 14.6% against the previous years. National defense, securitycontinue to be enhanced, preserving in a stable manner. The task ofconstructing the Party, the political system is attached with significance andoperate more efficiently and effectively; the strength of the entire solidarityblock continue to be consolidated and developed.

*What are the focal tasks for socio-eco development and constructing the Party,the political system in the year 2019, sir?

-For economy-society: concentrating on leading, permeating, concreting thedrastic, simultaneous and flexible implementation, in connection with enhancingchecking, supervising, urging the implementation of advocacies, policies of theParty, law of the State on socio-eco development. Actively mastering theopportunities, well exploiting the potentials, available advantages, simultaneouslymobilizing, efficiently using the outside forces to invest for development.Enhancing the promotion, appealing, attracting the investment, particularly thestrategic investors.

Inparallel with that, frequently caring to remove the difficulties,entanglements, creating all favorable conditions to develop the enterprises,supporting start-ups; enhancing the rate of progress of implementing the works,projects, ensuring the closeness, proper to the regulations, concentrating oncompleting the works and projects, particularly the projects of celebrating the30th anniversary of re-establishment of the province. Drastically overcomingthe limitations, short-comings during the process of implementing works andprojects; absolutely dealing with investors, projects that are slow inimplementation, violating law, commitments so as to create more equal andhealthful investment, trade environment. Attaching attention to developing thesectors of industries, services, tourism. Drastically implementing the restructureof agriculture and the national target program of constructing new rural areasso as to ensure the proper matter, heading towards the target of increasingincome, improving the people’s lives. Well preparing the activities tocommemorate 30 years of re-establishing Phu Yen province…

Inthe task of constructing the Party and political system: concentrating onenhancing the competence of leading, combating forces of Party levels,organizing the Party and Party members; well implementing the tasks ofideology, creating the high consensus with carrying out the locality’spolitical tasks. Continuing to permeate, well implement the stipulations of theParty on raising the role model of all levels, particularly the heads.

Drasticallyimplementing, creating the stronger breakthroughs, in the task ofadministrative reforms, enhancing the sense of responsibility in implementingtasks of the cadres, civil servants; determining dismissing the cadres, civilservants who are making trouble and sluggish.

Continuingto strictly implement the central 4 Resolution (tenure 12) on enhancing theconstruction and order of the Party and order numbered 05 of the politburo onenhancing the studying and following the ideology, morality and style of Ho ChiMinh. Enhancing the task of checking, supervising; combating to prevent andfight against corruption, wastefulness, negativity with the spirit of “notforbidden zones”.

Beingactive in the task of scheming, training, fostering, constructing the cadrestaff at all levels to have enough competence and manner; timely consolidating,solidifying the leadership at units, localities in connection with continuingto strictly, efficiently implement the Central 6 Resolution and Central 7Resolution (Tenure 12th) on constructing the cadre staff at alllevels, especially the strategic level, so as to well prepare the task of humanforces for all level Party committee congress, heading towards the provincialParty delegate congress tenure 2020-2025…

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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