PM looks to maintain high-level visits between Vietnam, Laos
Updated : Thursday, July 19, 2018 9:40 AM (GMT+0700)

PrimeMinister Nguyen Xuan Phuc underscored the importance of maintaining regularhigh-level visits to strengthen bilateral ties during a reception in Hanoi onJuly 18 for Vice Chairman of the Lao National Assembly Sengnuon Saynhalat. 

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) and Vice Chairman of the Lao National Assembly
Sengnuon Saynhalat - Source: VNA

The PM expressed his delightat the close and effective ties between the two legislatures, especially inperforming law-making and supervisory roles, as well as external relations atregional and global parliamentary forums. 

He hoped that the twolegislatures will support each other’s changes in mechanisms, policies, andlaws to continue fostering political, diplomatic, national defence, andsecurity ties. 

Both sides were urged toeffectively carry out agreements between the two Parties and States, improvethe efficiency of trade and investment cooperation, create favourableconditions for Vietnam’s projects in Laos; and ensure the ongoing progress andquality of projects. 

The two countries shouldstep up economic connectivity, especially in transport and energy; improveeducation and training cooperation quality; and raise public awareness of theVietnam-Laos special solidarity, especially among young generations, hesaid. 

Describing the new Lao NAHouse as an especially important project, the PM said Vietnam has issuedspecial mechanisms and sped up its construction. He believed that with jointefforts, the work can be completed as scheduled and become a symbol ofbilateral ties. 

Saynhalat, for his part,said his visit aims to reinforce ties between the two Parties, States, andlegislatures, adding that the delegation has acquired Vietnam’s experience incoordinating with parliaments worldwide. 

The Vietnamese NA, andPeople’s Councils of various Vietnamese cities and provinces have offeredpractical support to Laos in diverse areas in the past years, he said. 

He thanked the VietnameseParty, State, Government, and NA for building the Lao NA House as a gift. 

The guest pledged thatalthough the world situation changes, the Lao Party, State, and people willalways stand side by side with their Vietnamese counterparts, and wished thatlater generations would also continue to uphold these relations.


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