Comrade Tran Quoc Vuong visiting and working with Ea Trol commune and Phu Dong ward
Updated : Friday, July 06, 2018 4:14 PM (GMT+0700)

Withinthe working program in Phu Yen, in the morning of July 5th, comradeTran Quoc Vuong, Commissioner of the Politburo, Standing member of theSecretariat and the delegation task of the Central  Government visited and worked with the Partycommittee of Ea Trol commune (Song Hinh district). In the afternoon of the sameday, comrade Vuong and the delegates had the working visit to the Party Committeeof Phu Dong ward (Tuy Hoa city).

Comrade Tran Quoc Vuong working with the Party Committee in Ea Trol commune

Itis essential for each cadre and Party member to set the sole model and be closeto the inhabitants

At the working session withthe Party committee of Ea Trol commune, the delegation task listened to thelocal leaders report on some outstanding results in implementing the Resolutionof the Party committee since the beginning of the term 2015-2020 to thepresent. As stated in the report, in recent years, the communes’ society andeconomy has developed fairly stable, with certain developments. Up to the year2017, the annual average income per capita is 18 million dongs, marking anannual increase of 8.7 million dongs against the year 2015; the commune hasreached 9 out of 19 criteria of new rural areas with 100% of hamlets, villageshave access to the national electricity network, more than 98% of thehouseholds use clean water and the proportion of poor households has dropped to43%.

Addressing at the workingsession, comrade Tran Quoc Vuong acknowledged that, being the mountainousregion adjacent to the central highlands with lots of difficulties, however, EaTrol commune has achieved lots of encouraging results in comparison with theNorthern mountainous regions when it comes to socio-eco development, enhancingthe inhabitants’ life. Nevertheless, the proportion of poor households in thecommune remain high against the district’s average level; the inhabitants stilllack land for production, income is low,…which requires early improvement.Comrade Vuong emphasized that in the coming time, Ea Trol commune and Song Hinhdistrict would need to concentrate on implementing the tasks of half of theremaining tenure. Making efforts to the year 2020 to have 100% of the commune’shouseholds use clean water and hygienic water; developing the  advantages of land, climate, breakthroughs inagricultural development, increasing the land use value, not letting happen unusedland; caring for the inhabitants’ life via reducing the poverty in a fast andsustainable manner, to the end of the tenure, the proportion is 35%; increasingforest coverage. To do this, the commune’s Party committee would need to betterimplement the task of Party construction, constructing the political system,and the crucial issue of human resources. Therefore, each cadre, Party memberin the foundation has to be the role models, who are close to the inhabitants,assist them to produce and construct civilized life, be clean and nice; makingthe inhabitants trust the Party and the regime more.

Creatingfavorable conditions for the fishermen to stick to the sea for doing business 

At the working session withthe Party committ#Ee of Phu Dong ward, comrade Tran Quoc Vuong and thedelegation task listened to leaders of Phu Dong ward and Tuy Hoa city reportbriefly on the situation of implementing the resolution of the Party Congressof Tuy Hoa city and Resolution of the Party congress of Phu Dong ward from thebeginning of tenure 2015-2020 up to now, particularly in leading to developeconomy and construct the Party, the political system; listening to leaders ofthe department of agriculture-rural development give brief report on thesituation of carrying out the policy of aqua-culture sector development, theship building under Decree 67 of the government.

After listening to thereports, comrade Tran Quoc Vuong highly appreciated the achievements gained bythe city and the ward, simultaneously suggesting ways for the leaders of theprovince, city and ward to discuss, better clarify some contents cared by lotsof people, namely offshore exploiting, newly building ships under Decree 66/CP;poverty reduction; arranging and tidying the mechanism under Resolution 18 ofthe central government; the situation of order and security...Comrade Vuong saidthat from now to the end of the tenure, the time was not long, therefore theParty committee of the ward as well as Tuy Hoa city would need to enhance thesolidification, construction of the political system, being unified; enhancinghe quality of organizing the Party and the cadres, Party members with the concreteactions and deeds, beneficial to the inhabitants; organizing to re-arrange themechanism into a neat one under the spirit of the Central government’sresolutions. Comrade Vuong proposed the localities to care, the relatedministries and departments to have favorable conditions for the fishermen tocontinue getting access to the loan capital so as to have better conditions tostretch offshore to cling to sea for efficient production, increasing income;joining hands with the functional authorities to protect the sea andsovereignty, islands of the nation. These are the foundational factors inhelping the localities to preserve the national defense-security, promoting thefast and sustainable socio-eco development.

On this occasion, comradeTran Quoc Vuong presented gifts to some typical policy families who aredifficult in Ea Trol commune and Phu Dong ward.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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