Dong Xuan district implementing the resolution of the Party Congress
Updated : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 4:50 PM (GMT+0700)

Afterthe half-way of implementing the resolutions of the Party congresses at alllevels and the Resolution of the 11th District Party Congress(2015-2020 term), the Party, authority and people in Dong Xuan district havebeen promoting the solidarity spirit, overcoming difficulties, challenges, makingefforts to achieve many results in fields.

Along with attaching significance to economic development, Dong Xuan district is interested
in preserving cultural values ​​and improving the spiritual life of the people. In photo:
A lot of tourists and local people participating in cultural activities in Xi Thoai village,
Xuan Lanh commune

Dong Xuan is a mountainousdistrict with a natural area of ​​20% of the province with population densityof 60 people / km2; 17.4% of the population are ethnic minoritypeoples. Among 53 hamlets and quarters of 11 communes and township in thedistrict, there are 28 villages with special difficulties.

Determining that the economicdevelopment is the focus, during the recent years, the Party Committee of DongXuan district has focused on leading, directing and promoting democracy,upholding the will of self-reliance, creativity, mobilizing and making theeffective use of resources; taken advantage of opportunities to promoteeconomic advancement towards the direction of sustainable development, creatinga fundamental change in economic structure.

Secretary of Dong XuanDistrict Party Committee, Mr. Vo Cao Phi let known: The resolution of the 11thDistrict Party Congress, the 2015-2020 term outlined 13 major targets in fieldsand 3 groups of breakthrough solutions.

On the basis of thoroughlyunderstanding resolutions of the Party Committee and the breakthrough solutiongroups, in order to lead the economic development, right as the beginning ofthe term, the District Party Committee promulgated the Resolution on furtherpromoting the application of science and technology into agriculture andforestry production activities and action programs on leadership ofrestructuring the agriculture sector and continuing to implement the nationaltarget program on building new rural areas in combination with rapidly reducingthe rate of poor ethnic minority households; on attracting investment andeffectively exploiting cultural tourism of Xi Thoai and Ha Rai villages (Xuan Lanhcommune) in association with eco-tourist sites and historical-cultural relicsin the local; directing and speedimg up administrative reforms, thuscontributing to raising the PCI and PAPI indexes of the province, creating anopen and healthy investment environment; concentrating on investing ininfrastructure construction in association with attracting investment and effectivelyexploiting the potential of the district.

Outstanding in economicdevelopment is the value of agricultural, forestry and fishery production increasedby 11.4% on average, more than doubled by the resolution. The task of promotingagriculture and forestry, and applying scientific and technical advances toagricultural production has been strengthened. Thanks to that, the quality andproductivity of the crops has increased, raising the production value andincome per unit of cultivated area.

Particularly for rice, theproductivity of winter-spring crop of 2017-2018 reached 70.4 quintals perhectare, increased 3.8 quintals over the same period and reached the highestever. The total number of cows in the district was over 27,000, up 38.6% comparedwith the beginning of the term, of which crossbreds accounted for 73% of thetotal, up 3%. Forest cover ratio increased from 41% in 2015 to 52.7% in 2017.

The national target programon building new rural areas was directed by the District Party Committee. Sofar, the communes of Xuan Son Nam, Xuan Quang 3 and Xuan Phuoc have reached thestandard with 50% of the target set out. The concreting plan of mountainousrural road and alleyway in La Hai township center continues to be stronglyresponded by the people. Since the beginning of the term, the construction hascompleted over 72km. The poverty reduction is quite comprehensive with annualdecrease of from 7.1% down 9.8%...

Along withagro-forestry-fisheries, the trade, service and tourism sector has prospered,the average growth rate of 20%, exceeding the target set out. In particular,the call for investment attraction has been boosted with positive changes."The district has coordinated with other branches of the province to createfavorable conditions to attract investment in a number of outstanding projectssuch as Vinamilk dairy farm of Vietnam Dairy Cow One Member Limited Company;the project of Triem Duc hot spring tourist resort (Xuan Quang 2 commune) andforest product processing establishments...", Chairman of People'sCommittee of Dong Xuan district, Mr. Dang Ngoc Anh said.

Together with focusing onleading, directing economic development, paying attention to education,healthcare, culture and sports; at the same time, strengthening the work ofnational defense and security..., Dong Xuan District Party Committee has beenconstantly taking care of building the Party cleanly and strongly, building astrong political system, raising the leadership capacity and fighting capacityof the Party basic organizations, meeting the task requirements in the newsituation.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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