Prime Minister writes about 2018 WEF-ASEAN
Updated : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:03 PM (GMT+0700)

PrimeMinister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has written an article on the occasion of the 2018World Economic Forum on ASEAN (WEF-ASEAN 2018) which is taking place in Hanoifrom September 11-13.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World
Economic Forum on ASEAN - Source: VNA

The full text of the articleruns as follows:


The world is changingrapidly, driven by the shifts in globalization and the tremendous leaps ofscience, technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Against suchbackdrops, the ASEAN countries are making every effort to overcome challengesand harness opportunities for development in order to realize the 2025 ASEANCommunity Vision, for the establishment of a strong ASEAN Community that shallfurther uphold its central role in regional mechanisms. 

As the host country for the2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) on ASEAN Summit (2018 WEF-ASEAN), it is VietNam's crucial responsibility to work together with WEF and ASEAN members todiscuss issues pertinent to their national development in the midst of theFourth Industrial Revolution. Such discourse shall help realize the 2025 ASEANVision, in the interest and for the development of the entire region at largeand each country individually, thus contributing to the common prosperity ofthe region and the world. 

Along with other majormultilateral forums and conferences held in Viet Nam in the 2016-2020 period,the hosting of the present 2018 WEF-ASEAN is yet another step towards realizingthe foreign policy orientation set by the 12th Congress of the Party, theResolution of the Party Central Committee and the Directive of the Secretariaton uplifting multilateral diplomacy to a new height: “to improve the qualityand effectiveness of multilateral diplomacy, actively contribute to thebuilding and shaping of multilateral institutions”.

Tojoin hands in building the ASEAN Community

ASEAN is faced with enormousopportunities for economic development and integration thanks to ever moreextensive and intensive globalization and the rapid spread of the FourthIndustrial Revolution, particularly digital technology, the Internet of Things,artificial intelligence and Big Data. Against this backdrop, Viet Nam hasactively worked with WEF and ASEAN countries in identifying the theme for the2018 WEF-ASEAN: “ASEAN 4.0: Entrepreneurship and the Fourth IndustrialRevolution”. This theme is not only in line with the development trend of theworld, but is also integral to and complements the ASEAN theme for 2018:towards a “resilient and innovative” ASEAN Community, satisfying the commoninterest and benefits of countries in ASEAN and the region at large.

In the spirit ofconstructiveness and mutually-beneficial cooperation, we shall – along withcountries in ASEAN and the region, the Forum's and the world's leadingmultinational corporations, and Vietnamese enterprises – discuss and suggestideas, visions and orientations for the development and integration of ASEANcountries in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Namely:

 First, to seek and create new dynamismassociated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to  foster moresustainable, innovative and inclusive growth by promoting reforms, stimulatingthe potential for innovation within businesses and the people, and developingsuch high-quality human resource and other prerequisites that is adaptive tothe new technological environment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and meetthe needs of development and ever broader and deeper integration.

Second, to advanceintegration and connectivity within ASEAN as well as between ASEAN and theregion and the world, through promoting digital connectivity, digital commerce,financial technology (fintech), value chain connectivity, quality and cohesiveinfrastructure, high-tech agriculture and a variety of other areas, so as tomaintain the dynamic growth of ASEAN economies.

Third, to reinforce ASEANcentrality within the region, enhance resilience and adaptability in the faceof global and regional volatility, promote innovation and raise theeffectiveness of cooperation, thereby bringing about more practical benefits topeople and businesses.

The 2018 WEF-ASEAN is notonly an expression of Viet Nam's responsible role and contribution to ASEAN,but also an affirmation of Viet Nam's strategic vision in foreign policy anddevelopment. It is a strategic vision by the Party and State, to build anaction-oriented, development-enabling government of integrity in service of thepeople and businesses, to place the people and businesses at the center ofdevelopment, and to vigorously encourage entrepreneurship, creativity and thedynamism of the people and businesses.

Tofurther strengthen and raise the status of the nation

The 2018 WEF-ASEAN in VietNam has been able to gather a large number of high-level leaders of ASEANcountries and its partners, as well as some 1,000 representatives frommultinational corporations and ASEAN and global businesses, and around 800Vietnamese companies. This is a solid testimony to the ever-growing role,credibility and status that Viet Nam enjoys within ASEAN, the region and theworld, building upon the successes of the 2017 APEC Year and the 6th GreaterMekong  Sub-region Summit (GMS-6) in March this year. It is also proof ofViet Nam's attractiveness and the trust that the global business community andinternational investors vest in the development prospects of Viet Nam. It isalso a manifestation of Viet Nam's new status and power after 30 years ofreform, exhibiting Viet Nam's pro-activity and “stature” in internationalintegration as well as in constructing and shaping the regional and globaleconomy. 

Under the leadership of theFounding Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab, WEF has been the cradle for many newand innovative development ideas of global strategic relevance. As a focalpoint that has garnered special attention throughout the region, the 2018WEF-ASEAN is an opportunity for us to convey a message to the internationalbusiness community about the policy and resolve of the Vietnamese Party andState of comprehensive national reforms and active international integration.We shall also broadcast an image of a peace-loving Vietnamese nation thatenjoys political and social stability, a Vietnamese economy that is dynamic,open and rapidly growing, and a trustworthy, sincere and responsible partnerfor the region and the world. 

The 2018 WEF-ASEAN shallalso be a chance for us to deepen relations with a wide range of countries andpartners, including neighboring countries and strategic and key partners. Thisis a channel to strengthen the network of open, multilateralized anddiversified foreign relations, thus benefiting our national security anddevelopment interests, and promoting our national credibility and prestige inthe international arena.

Tobring about real benefits to businesses and people

Exploring the theme of“ASEAN 4.0: Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution” through 60sessions, the Forum shall focus on the discourse and recommendation of ideas,orientations and policies to invigorate the potential, creativity and dynamismof businesses and people, towards building a people-centered, dynamic, strongand prosperous ASEAN Community. In particular, a wide range of practical topicsshall be covered in great depth: innovation, startup, new business models, thedevelopment of the digital economy, digital know-how and literacy, training andaddressing employment challenges, narrowing the development gap and sustainablepoverty reduction. 

Of the nearly 1,000international businesses participating, many are among the top 500 corporationsin the world, who possess vast financial, technological and managerialcapacity. By seeing for themselves in Viet Nam, the growth of our country, thedetermination and effort to build our enabling Government and improve theinvestment climate, the business atmosphere full of vitality here in Viet Nam,and the Vietnamese people, who are friendly, hospitable, open, dynamic,creative and endowed with an unbreakable aspiration and will to rise, we shallencourage them to step up networking and cooperation with and investment intoViet Nam through a diverse variety of plans and projects, that shall betterharness the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Cooperation withthese multinational corporations shall be an opportunity and driver forVietnamese businesses, daring them to think big and do big to raisecompetitiveness, quality and efficiency, and aim for the open seas.

The 2018 WEF-ASEAN shallinclude a wide range of events, including the Open Forum on Innovative Startup,the Viet Nam Business Summit, the Viet Nam Cultural Soirée, national andprovincial exhibitions, the latter organized by a number of provinces: Hanoi,Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Quang Ninh to name a few. These events are anopportunity for our agencies, sectors, localities and businesses to promoteexchange, cooperation and networking with major corporations and regional andinternational enterprises, with an aim to expanding markets and enhancing thequality of investment, technology and tourism attraction, and harnessing externalresources for development.

* **

Given the new status andpower of the country after more than 30 years of reform, the support fromfriends and partners, as well as the joint efforts from all levels, sectors,the business community and people, the 2018 WEF-ASEAN Summit shall undoubtedlybe a success. This shall bring about real benefits to all involved, in theinterest of cooperation, development and prosperity in ASEAN, the region andthe world.

The success of the 2018WEF-ASEAN shall continue to breathe new life and create new drivers forinternational integration, thus contributing to the affirmation of Viet Nam'srole, status and active contributions in ASEAN and the region. It shall stirnational pride and exhort the spirit of self-reliance and the aspiration torise to the challenge, to build a socialist Viet Nam whose people are well off,whose nation is mighty, who shall enjoy democracy, equality and modernity.


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