Phu Yen being active, positive and determined in international integration
Updated : Thursday, July 05, 2018 2:58 PM (GMT+0700)

FromJune 22nd to July 2nd, Phu Yen delegation led by comradeHuynh Tan Viet, commissioner of the central Party committee, Secretary of the ProvincialParty Committee cum Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council paid theworking visits to France and Italy; taking part in the program of advertisingthe locality in 2018 (VPR - Vietnam Provincial Roadshow). In the interview by Phu Yen Newspaper, Mrs. Do Ngoc Thuy,director of Phu Yen Department of Foreign Affairs, let known:

Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Mr. Huynh Tan Viet, standing PPC vice chairman,
Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien and Phu Yen members having photo taken with Icham Chairman and
Vietnam Ambassador in Italy, Mr. Cao Chinh Thien, within the working framework at the
headquarter of Lombardia, Italy

- The working trip to  Franceand Italyby Phu Yen delegates under VPR from June 22nd to July 2nd,2018 was fruitful. First and foremost, the working trip has fulfilled onesignificant foreign affairs role of the province in the year 2016 with theapproval and permission of the Prime minister, with the purpose of introducingPhu Yen as one attractive destination to the French and Italian partners;enhancing the relationship with the local governments in France and Italy;laying the premise for Phu yen to intensively and extensively get access aswell as solidly developing the relationship with the EU partners. The workingtrip has achieved such significant results as : agreeing with AFD- AgenceFrançaise de Développement) on the plan of completing procedures, headingtowards the approval of the project in preventing and combating erosion,landslide, flooding and coping with climate change sponsored by AFD with thetotal investment expenditure of 72 million Euros; agreeing with CUF-Cités UniesFrance on connecting Phu Yen with one French locality within the cooperationframework of Vietnam and France (named as France-Vietnam no-neutral cooperationby the French partner in the year 2019; agreeing with the government of Lombardiaof Italy on expanding the destination to Phu Yen within the strategy ofinternationalizing the operation of the enterprises in Lombardi region, makingcontributions to bringing the products, commodities and services of Phu Yen andLombardia towards more extensive participation into the global value chains; agreeingwith Vietnam delegates by UNSECO on continuing to promote fulfilling thedocuments to request the international recognition title for Phu Yen heritages,firstly Da Dia reef.

* Can you provide moredetails on the outstanding traits of this working trip?

 - For me, the twooutstanding traits within this working trip are: this is the very first timethat Phu Yen province has organized the delegation to advertise in France and Italy. This obviously proves theprovince’s  great determination ininternational integration, enhancing the external relations operation to servethe locality’s socio-eco development. The Secretary of the provincial Partycommittee, Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Council co-chaired two majortalks in France and Italy, simultaneously working as therepresentatives for Vietnamin the working sessions with  AFD. Theachieved results are practical and highly appreciated by international friends.Under the  guidance of the delegateleaders, the members closely coordinated and positively exchanged, introducedto French and Italian friends the potentials and strengths of Phu Yen province;the preferential policies for investment and supporting enterprises of Phu Yenprovince, particularly in the sectors of tourism and aqua-culture products…

Secondly, as to theacknowledgement of the organizing board, i.e MOET, embassies, the localities ofVietnam, France and Italy,  the image of Phu Yenis constantly outstanding and comprehensive during the entire contents of VPR2018. Phu Yen is acknowledged by both French and Italian friends as  “one of the provinces with the fastest growthrate and possesses numerous potentials for developments, particularly inagriculture and high-tech agriculture”.As for the French and Italian partners, Phu Yen province has left greatand unforgettable impression for the first time introduction of material andspiritual values attached to France, namely the architectural works andconstruction works of Mang Lang church, Dong Cam Dam, Mui Dien lighthouse andDa Rang bridge….The community of French learners and users have so far beencared for development at the locality.

* Can you let known aboutthe meaning of the trip towards the task of external relations and theorientations of implementing cooperation in the coming time?

- I do think that theworking trip is really important in terms of creating the new impetus fordeveloping if external relations of the province in the coming time,particularly with France andItalyand other European countries.

To develop the positivemeanings as well as implementing the achievements from the working trip, underthe close instructions given by the Provincial Party Committee, the PPC and thepositive support of the MOET, Vietnam diplomatic representing offices abroad,the department of foreign affairs is continuing to be the clue unit to promotethe relationship between Phu Yen and France, Italy in the sectors of politicsand friendship cooperation; coordinating with related sectors and departmentsin conducting the concrete proposals with AFD; cooperation in scheming toconstruct the urban areas with AVSE-Associationof global experts and scientists of Vietnam in France; cooperation toconstruct the  surveillance center toserve the agricultural development with French Institute of space research;promoting the files for acknowledging the international title of heritage forDa Dia reef.

Source:Phu Yen Online

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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