Prime Minister chairs government meeting on legislation
Updated : Saturday, March 09, 2019 2:18 PM (GMT+0700)

Prime Minister NguyenXuan Phuc on March 8 chaired a government meeting which focused on buildinglaws.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the government meeting on legislation on
March 8 - Photo: VNA

Cabinet members gave opinions to reports on the revised draftlaw on public investment; the draft law on entry and exit of Vietnamesecitizens; and the draft law on the amendment and supplement of the law on theorganisation of the Government and the law on the organisation of localadministration. The draft law on revising and supplementing the Law on Cadresand Civil Servants and the Law on Public Employees was also discussed.

Speaking at the session, PM Phuc said the government hasprioritized institutional building, but the work still sees shortcomings thatrequire more attention from ministers and better human resources.

He highlighted the Ministry of Justice’s responsibility inverifying draft laws and legal documents, noting that it must point outshortcomings and irrationalities in these documents before they are submitted.

Concerning compensation for land clearance, PM Phuc requestedtaking into consideration the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee’sconclusion that suggested not separating the compensation and resettlementsupport into independent projects.

Agreeing with the NA Standing Committee’s recommendations oncapital criteria to classify national projects, the Government leader notedthat projects worth from 20 trillion VND (860 million USD) and above will besubmitted to the NA for approval, while those under the amount can be decidedby the government itself.

He tasked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to workwith the NA Committee for Finance-Budget to complete this regulation.

Concurring with Cabinet members, PM Phuc said the draft lawon public investment should regulate the decentralization to permanent membersof the People’s Councils in deciding upon a number of projects and investmentportfolios during the period when no session of the councils takes place. Thiswill speed up the progress of these projects, he elaborated.

The implementation of the resolution on the enforcement ofthe planning law was also tabled at the meeting.

Source: VNA

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