Change thinking and methods to attract investment
Updated : Wednesday, February 06, 2019 2:00 PM (GMT+0700)

After the success of the investment promotionconference held in early 2018 in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen has made dramaticchanges to improve the investment and business environment, facilitatinginvestors and businesses in the process of implementing projects in theprovince. Phu Yen Newspaper recordeda number of opinions of leaders of the Government, localities and businessesand investors related to this issue.

PRIME MINISTER NGUYEN XUAN PHUC: Must become atruly reliable partner

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc

In order to develop quickly and sustainably, the Party Committee and thegovernment of Phu Yen province must vigorously renew their thinking, creativityin the way of thinking, doingand having synchronous and effectivesolutions. Both the political system from leaders to executives must unite,fighting back together to overcome difficulties, seize opportunities, taking economic benefits as important, benefit of thepeople.

The province must complete policies to attract investment, ensureconsistency, transparency, competition in accessing resources and businessopportunities; continuing to promote administrative procedure reform; takingadvantage of digital technology, e-government, bringing the government closer to people and businesses. Simultaneously, it is necessary to have a mechanism to approach andquickly solve obstacles that businesses and investors encounter; taking thesatisfaction of people and businesses as a measure of work efficiency.

Phu Yen must make efforts to improve PCI and PAPI indicators, becoming a competent and truly reliable partner of investors;must see the success of the business is the success of Phu Yen; each investor,every employee coming to Phu Yen is a citizen ofPhu Yen.

In planning and policy design, the province should have a long-termvision but must ensuring flexibility.Planning work should be based on the ideas of professional developers withbroad participation and criticism of people as well as related stakeholders,avoiding based on subjective will, spending coordination of sponsors orbenefits of small groups.

Phu Yen also needs to strengthen and proactively link regionalcooperation with neighboring localities, need to abolish in thinking andawareness of locality. Promoting socialization of investment resources, morecreative application of investment forms, specific mechanisms and policies,focusing on attracting reputable investors, businesses, strong financialpotentials, play a leading role to invest in areas with potentials and advantages,creating motivation for development ...

CHAIRMAN OF PHU YEN TOURISM ASSOCIATION, MR.NGUYEN THANH TAM: The need tocreate a better investment environment

Phu Yen is developing rapidly in many aspects of economy and society.The potential for economic development, especially tourism. However, looking atthe provinces in the region for comparison, the development is not strong.Compared to the neighboring provinces of Binh Dinh and Khanh Hoa, we are toofar away, possibly due to low starting points. But as Ninh Thuan, they aremoving very fast, while 3 years ago, their tourism started only half of PhuYen.

Our development potentials are still great, but our forces are not strong and slow to develop.Why? In my opinion, the problem lies in attracting our investment is not reallygood. In fact, the highest leaders of the province are very enthusiastic anddetermined, but the whole below system is not operating according to therequirements of the enterprises.

Therefore, in my opinion, in the coming time, the province needs toimplement more synchronously and drastically in attracting investment andadministrative reform to create a transparent investment environment. Theprovince prioritizes attracting "eagles" to make a nest to motivateand pull effects, but don't forget small businesses in the province. Smallbusinesses do small projects, many businesses can join together to make biggerthings. This is our internal force that needs to be stimulated and promoted todevelop stronger and more sustainable in the future.

DIRECTOR OF DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND INVESTMENT:Promoting investment attraction in key areas

Mr. Vo Cao Phi
At the beginning of 2018, the province successfully organized theinvestment promotion conference with the theme "Phu Yen-investment anddevelopment cooperation", Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended andgiving direction speech. At the conference, the province granted investmentpolicy decisions, investment certificates, notice of access, survey, investmentresearch, investment memorization ... projects with a total capital of about130,000 billion dongs.This is an important foundation and resource to promote the province's economyto develop quickly and sustainably in the coming years.

In addition, to improve the investment environment, the Department ofPlanning and Investment has  made effortsto effectively implement the state management of planning and investment;administrative reform; advising the Provincial People's Committee to approvethe project to improve provincial competitiveness index (PCI) by 2020 and orientations to 2025; Set of competitivenessassessment indicators at provincial, district, and district levels (DDCI).

Defining that 2019 is the breakthrough year to complete the 2016-2020socio-economic development plan and the Resolution of the 16thProvincial Party Committee, Department of Planning and Investment will advisethe Provincial People's Committee to review and build Planning ofsocio-economic development of the province in the period of 2021-2030, visionto 2050. Continuing to advise to promote investment attraction to developisland and marine eco-tourism; cultural and historical tourism; forming tourismproducts bearing the Phu Yen identity in coastal areas and locations ofprovincial projects recovered in the past years.

To develop a number of auxiliary industries, renewable energy,agro-forestry-fishery processing in industrial parks and clusters. Stronglyattract resources to invest in high-tech agricultural development in Phu Yenhigh-tech agricultural zone; and attracting investment in technicalinfrastructure of urban areas and houses ... in the center of Tuy Hoa city aswell as urban areas of other localities.


Mainly operating in finance and transportation, I have many conditionsto go and realize that Phu Yen has many beautiful landscapes, not even thosewith strong tourism. Recently, the provincial tourism industry has been activeand effective, the number of visitors has increased; successfully promoting thePower Cape - a place to welcome the first dawn on Vietnamese mainland todomestic and international tourists; put into operation Phu Yen smart touristportal ...

I realize that visitors to Phu Yen are increasing but the accommodationand entertainment services ... have not met the demand. Therefore, I alwaystake advantage of introducing, inviting friends and partners to invest inluxury resorts or hotels, entertainment and entertainment fields ... in theprovince and our company is also promote investment in these areas.

Though away from home, we are always aware of our responsibilities; What can bedone for the province, we try to do well. If proposed, I think that in theshort term, the province should have a solution to improve the quality of humanresources, starting with a contingent of civil servants and officials whodirectly implement the policies of the State to create motivation. develope.Besides, the province needs to have policies to support businesses because in Vietnam, mostof them are medium, small and super small businesses, financial resources arelimited. In addition, there should be a strong strategy and orientation inbuilding a brand in Phu Yen province.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRONG HAO

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