PM holds bilateral meetings in ASEM 12 framework
Updated : Saturday, October 20, 2018 3:38 PM (GMT+0700)

PrimeMinister Nguyen Xuan Phuc held bilateral meetings with many foreign leaders onthe sidelines of the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit inBrussels on October 18 and 19 (local time).

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc (third from left) meets with President of the EC Jean Claude Juncker
- Photo: VNA

PM Phuc took the occasions toinform the foreign leaders on Vietnam’s socio-economic achievements and itscontributions to the common cause of the international community. 

He asked the EU membercountries to push for the early signing of the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement(EVFTA) which was approved by the EC on October 17, underlining that togetherwith the agreement on Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation (PCA), theEVFTA will provide an important foundation for Vietnam and the EU to bringtheir relations into a new period of development, as well as to strengthenASEAN-EU partnership and connectivity between EU and the Asian-Pacificregion. 

The Vietnamese governmentleader urged the countries to back Vietnam, the only candidate of Asia-Pacific,in running for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council during2020-2021. He affirmed Vietnam’s strong commitment to contribute more tomaintaining international peace and security once it is elected to thisimportant agency of the UN.

The foreign leadersappreciated Vietnam’s increasingly important role and position in the regionand the international arena. Many countries confirmed their support ofVietnam’s candidacy for a non-permanent membership of the UN Security Councilin the 2020-2021 tenure. They pledged to continue coordinating with Vietnam atthe UN and other international and regional organisations in order to maintainpeace, security, cooperation and development in the region and the world,including the East Sea, to settle disputes by peaceful measures on the basis ofrespect for international law, particularly the 1982 UN Convention on the Lawof the Sea. The EU member countries expressed their backing of the EVFTA,saying that the early signing and ratification of the EVFTA will be a significantstep forward in realizing the EU’s strategy on connecting EU and Asia. 

During his meeting withPresident of the EC Jean Claude Juncker, PM Phuc welcomed the EC’s approval ofthe EVFTA on October 17, saying that the two sides should demonstrate theresolve to accelerate procedures for the official signing of the pact, thusrealizing the great benefits from the deal for both sides. 

The EC President noted hissupport of the early signing and ratification of the EVFTA, and affirmed thatthe EU attaches importance to its cooperative ties with Vietnam. 

The two leaders hailed thesigning of the Vietnam-EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade VoluntaryPartnership Agreement (FLEGT-VPA). They agreed to continue coordination for theeffective implementation of the EU’s development cooperation programmes forVietnam. 

PM Phuc asked the EC toconsider Vietnam’s efforts in order to early lift the “yellow card” onVietnam’s seafood exported to the EU.     

Talking to his Sloveniancounterpart, PM Phuc affirmed that Vietnam always pays attention to developingfriendship and multi-faceted cooperation with traditional friends, includingSlovenia. 

The two PMs took note withpleasure positive developments in bilateral economic-trade ties in the recentpast. Two-way trade is growing fast, at an average rate of 75 percent a year,reaching 328 million USD in 2017 compared to just 59 million USD in 2013. 

They agreed to maintain theexchange of delegations and meetings at high level, while implementing specificmeasures to boost win-win partnership in maritime transport, tourism,pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. 

In his meeting with PM PedroSanchez of Spain, PM Phuc asked the Spanish Government to encourage Spanishcompanies to invest more in Vietnam in their strong fields, such as energy,hi-tech, education and infrastructure. 

The Spanish PM said headvocates stronger relations between Vietnam and Spain as well as betweenVietnam and the EU, adding that he wants to bolster cooperation with Vietnam intourism, education-training and especially the popularization of Spanishculture and language in Vietnam.

In another meeting, PM Phucand Mongolian President Khaltamaagiin Battulga expressed satisfaction at thedevelopment of bilateral ties recently. They assigned the two ForeignMinistries to coordinate for the successful organization of activities to markthe 65th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic ties in 2019. 

The two leaders reachedconsensus on maintaining all-level visits and meetings, and promoting trade. PMPhuc asked Mongolia to create favourable conditions for Vietnamese firms toinvest in Mongolia, including in supplying services in mining and oil and gas.

Talking to Dutch PM MarkRutte, the Vietnamese PM proposed that the Netherlands facilitate market accessfor Vietnamese goods. He affirmed that Vietnam welcomes and offers favourableconditions for Dutch firms to invest in Vietnam, especially in major projectsand fields of the Netherlands’ strength such as agriculture, food industry,chemicals, renewable energy, water management, sea-based economy and logistics.

The Dutch PM said hisgovernment encourages Dutch businesses to invest in the sea-based economy and projectsto adapt to climate change and fight coast erosion in Vietnam. 

In another meeting, PM Phucand his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki agreed to coordinate for theeffective implementation of agreements reached during the Vietnam visit by the PolishPresident in 2017, thus promoting bilateral economic-trade-investmentties. 

The Polish PM said he wishedto strengthen cooperation with Vietnam in defence, the environment, greengrowth and tertiary education.  

Meeting with Finnish PM JuhaSipila, the Vietnamese PM thanked the Finnish Government and people for theirsupport and help for Vietnam over the past years. He said development aidprojects sponsored by Finland have helped improve living conditions forVietnamese people.

He suggested that Finlandcontinue to provide ODA for Vietnam in carrying out sustainable developmentgoals, and that the two countries bolster ties in education-training as manyVietnamese students want to pursue education in Finland.

The Finnish leader said Finlandis ready to share experience with Vietnam and encourage investment partnershipin clean energy, renewable energy, the environment, water treatment, smart cityand education-training.  

During a meeting with ChinesePremier Li Keqiang, PM Phuc hailed the new developments in bilateral ties andChina’s good will in promoting bilateral cooperation in the past time. Heproposed that the two sides maintain visits and meetings between high-rankingofficials of the two Parties and countries, while pushing their ministries,sectors and localities to actively take measures to promote sustainable andbalanced trade along with reducing Vietnam’s trade deficit with China. He alsourged coordination for the effective and on-schedule implementation of cooperativeprojects.          

The Vietnamese governmentleader affirmed that Vietnam welcomes and creates favourable conditions forChinese firms to carry out hi-tech and environmentally-friendly projects inVietnam. He suggested accelerating cooperative projects in transport,agriculture, environment, science-technology, finance-monetary, and studyingmeasures to cut costs for railway transport of goods from Vietnam to otherAsian and European countries through China. 

Regarding the sea issue, PMPhuc stressed that the two sides should control disputes, maintain peace,stability in the East Sea; seriously implement the common perception of leadersof both countries as well as the Vietnam-China agreement on basic principlesguiding the settlement of sea issues; persist in settling disputes by peacefulmeasures in line with international law and the 1982 UN Convention on the Lawof the Sea, while well handling issues related to fisheries and fishermen’soperation at sea and respecting each other’s legitimate rights andinterests. 

Premier Li Keqiang affirmedthat the Party, Government and people of China are willing to work with Vietnamto promote the friendly neighbourliness and comprehensive cooperation betweenthe two countries. He said China hopes the two sides would seize opportunitiesto boost win-win cooperation in all fields, well control the situation andproperly handle disputes, and maintain peace and stability in the East Sea,thus contributing to the stable and sustainable development of theVietnam-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. 

In another meeting, PM Phucand his Norwegian counterpart Erna Solberg agreed to promote bilateralpartnership across the fields and continue to coordinate at multilateral forumsand the UN.

The Norwegian PM said Norwaysupports Vietnam’s bid to run for a non-permanent seat in the UN SecurityCouncil during 2020-2021, while appreciating Vietnam’s participating iin the UNpeacekeeping mission in South Sudan with the deployment of the field hospitallevel 2 recently. Norway is ready to share experience with and help Vietnamenhance the capacity of its peacekeeping forces, the PM said.

PM Erna Solberg also affirmedthat she will push for the early signing and ratification of the EVFTA.

The two PMs underlined theimportance of the sea, and agreed on the need for not only preservation butalso sustainable development of the sea. To this goal, it is necessary tomaintain peace, stability and cooperation in each region as well as on theglobal scale on the basis of international law and basic principles of theUN. 

In addition, PM Phuc also hadsideline talks with UK PM Theresa May, Russian PM  Dmitry Medvedev, andGreek PM Alexis Tsipras, during which the leaders discussed measures to enhancebilateral relations and coordination at international forums. They reachedagreement on facilitating trade and investment and sustainable development, aswell as on joint efforts to enhance the effectiveness of multilateralmechanisms and the role of international law and basic principles of the UN.


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