The 7th session of the provincial People's Council is scheduled to take place on July 12th – 13th
Updated : Thursday, May 17, 2018 2:59 PM (GMT+0700)

Theprovincial People's Council has held a joint meeting to discuss the content andprogram of the 7th session of the 7th Provincial People'sCouncil, term 2016-2021.

Spectacle of the meeting

At the meeting, the StandingCommittee of the provincial People's Council informed about the content andprogram of the 7th session. Accordingly, the meeting will be held intwo days (July 12th  - 13th)at the provincial People's Council‘s hall. At the session, delegates willlisten to the provincial People's Committee's report on implementing socio-economic,defense and security tasks in the first six months of the year and tasks andsolutions to be concentrated in the last 6 months of 2018; Summarizing theresults of the receipt and settlement of voters' opinions and petitions sent tothe 6th session; the chairman's conclusions at the answering andquestioning at the 6thsession; comments, promises of leaders of the provincial People'sCommittee, relevant departments at the 6th session, the 7thprovincial People's Council. Simultaneously, the Provincial Standing People'sCouncil will briefly report on the results of implementing the monitoringprogram of the Provincial People's Council in 2017; Summarizing the voters'opinions and proposals sent to the sessions; committees of the Provincial People'sCouncil report on the examination of proposals, reports and draft resolutionspresented by the provincial People's Committee and relevant agencies in theacting field; The provincial Fatherland Front Committee announces the work ofthe Front for the participation in the construction of the Government andcomments and suggestions to the People's Council and People's Committee.

The 7th sessionis expected to adopt five resolutions relating to socio-economic,defense-security tasks; recovering or changing the land use purpose;Determining the rates, managing and using charges for evaluating theenvironmental rehabilitation and restoration plans; the delivery of publicservants ... The meeting will also take time to conduct discussion; questioningand answering about voters’ concerns. Delegates basically agreed with thecontent and program proposed by the provincial People's Council in the comingsession. Simultaneously, the delegates also commented on the contents relatedto reduce the workforce; school milk problem; contact voters; capacity ofpresenting reports ...

Addressing at the meeting,Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Huynh Tan Viet, praised thementality of the delegates. Simultaneously, at the next session, all of themeeting’s information should be publicized; balancing the meetings, not leavingtoo long; The delegates must study the full document for correct and precise opinion;The contacting of voters should be well organized, full of voters.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRONG HAO

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