Checking the task of justice reform at the provincial bureau of civil judgment enforcement
Updated : Friday, September 21, 2018 4:03 PM (GMT+0700)

ComradeLuong Minh Son, standing deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee cumhead of the provincial board for directing justice reform and the members of theprovincial justice reform board have just checked the task of justice reform(JR) at the provincial bureau of civil judgment enforcement (CJE).

Leaders of the provincial CJE reporting the JR tasks to the inspecting delegation

Via checking, it can be seenthat since 2015 up to now, the provincial bureau of CJE has continued to permeateand seriously implement the advocacies and guidelines of the Party on AR,enhancing the efficiency and effect of CJE operation in the province. Themajority of cadres, civil servants have been fully aware of the AR tasks andefficient implementation in the major tasks. The results in dealing with CJEhave been higher and ensure the procedures, steps under legitimacy, limitationsin terms of violations and wrong-doings.

Among these, in the twoyears of 2016 and 2016, excellently fulfill the assignment, surpassing theproportion in employment, expenses for implementation. Currently, theprovincial CJE court is dealing with the court case of Thuan Thao JSC (Tuy Hoacity) with the total value for execution is over 1,075 billion dongs; relatedto Anh Son company Ltd. (Song Cau town) with the total value for execution ofover ½ the total value for the entire province’s. There have been o longercases of lengthy and complicated letters of complaints and prosecution….

Leaders of the ProvincialCJE proposed the provincial leaders and the Justice Ministry to care more aboutthe task of training, fostering the cadres in the sector  investing in infrastructure, equipment andmeans of working for the offices of the provincial CJE courts, meeting theassignments..

On behalf of the inspectingdelegation, comrade Luong Minh Son acknowledged the proposals raised by theprovincial bureau of CJE . Comrade Son proposed the provincial CJE sector wouldcontinue to permeate and implement the advocacies, guidelines of the Party onJR; enhancing the tasks of educating, popularizing the law for the people,especially those executing the court case to be self aware and observe the law;leaders of the provincial bureau of CJE would actively consult the PPCchairman, propose to direct the people’s committees of  the districts, city and town to join hands toremove the difficulties and entanglements in CJE at the localities,particularly the major cases, consider and absolutely deal with the letters ofcomplaints, prosecution so as not to let happen complexities, surpassing levelor lengthening. Simultaneously attaching more significance to the tasks ofeducating in politics-ideology, occupational morality, awareness among thecadres and civil servants, especially the observant…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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