Emulation for new people and creating motivation for developing the country
Updated : Tuesday, June 12, 2018 10:05 AM (GMT+0700)

Implementingthe direction of the Provincial Standing Party Committee on continuing torenovate the emulation and commendation work under the spirit of Directive No.34 by the Politburo, during the past time, the patriotic emulation movement wasdeeply and broadly implemented across all areas. Thereby, many advanced models,new models and new factors have been introduced, which contributed tosuccessfully implementing the political tasks, promoting the socio-economicdevelopment and the stabilization of national defense and security in theprovince.

Building and expanding the advanced typical, contributing to successfully implementing
the political tasks in the province. In photo: Testing products at an enterprise in Phu Yen
before supplying to the market

Implementing the Plan21/2016 of the Provincial People's Committee on building and expanding thetypical progress in the period of 2016-2020, the Department of Home Affairs -the standing body of the Provincial Council for Emulation and Reward hasadvised the Emulation - Reward Council to guide, monitor, urge and supervisethe implementation of the construction and replication of advanced models inthe departments, the provincial unions, districts, town, city enterprisesparticipating in the emulation section in the province to evaluate the actualimplementation of the plan in accordance with the roadmap; exchanging anddiscussing the contents and methods of organizing the construction andexpansion of typical models in each year to suit each group of subjects,agencies and units. 

Results in the two years offrom 2016 to 2018, the units, the local clusters, the emulation group in theprovince launched 35 emulation movement. 71 out of 127 units, localities andenterprises made plan and register to implement 168 advanced models in allfields of social life such as the emulation movement "Create and improvework quality and efficiency, successfully implement the tasks of socio-economicdevelopment, national defense - security in 2018", "Phu Yen togetherbuild the new countryside", "All country together for poor people -no one left behind", "Phu Yen enterprises with integration anddevelopment", "Learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideas, ethics andstyle", "Farmers emulate for good business, solidarity to help eachother to achieve rich and reduce sustainably poverty", "Well working,handling home affairs", "Improve administrative procedures andworking style", "Every officer, teacher assists a student at risk ofdropping out of school because of difficult family circumstances"…

From the emulation movementsin the period of 2016-2018, the units and localities have timely discovered andfostered 66 advanced models of collectives and individuals, praised andpromoted by different levels and branches, which created force to complete theassigned tasks. Six of them were awarded certificates of merit by the PrimeMinister; 9 collectives and 59 individuals were awarded certificates of meritby the Provincial People's Committee; at the same time, the units andlocalities propagate and replicate for people to study and follow.

The typical example is thefour teachers of An Hiep Kindergarten School, Tuy An district were courageous inrescuing 15 pupils when flash floods unexpectedly on December 13th, 2016. Atypical example of starting a business with the model of "Producingcharcoal from rice husk" by Mr. Nguyen Van Nghi in Hoa Thanh commune, DongHoa district brings about an average profit of nearly VND 2 billion per year,creating regular jobs for 40 local laborers with the monthly income of from VND3.5 million to VND 7 million / person.

The typical of good businessfarmers with the model "Cultivation of sugarcane, cassava, plows,sugarcane-planting machines, fertilizer machines" by Mr. Huynh Khac Vu,farmer member of Hoa Hoi commune, Phu Hoa district. A brave and courageousfigure, determining to fight the criminals of Lieutenant Colonel Y Rin MLo,deputy head of the Ethnic Minority Security Unit, the Division of Counteractingand Counterterrorism in the Provincial Police prevent the conspiracy, theactivities of the reactionaries in the area in his charge.

According to the preliminaryreport on building and expanding the province's advanced model in the 2016-2018period, this encouraging result, in the past time, was thanks to leaders at alllevels and departments having promoted the responsibility, attaching importanceto renewing the contents, forms and measures to organize the emulationmovement; stepping up building and expanding the typical model; praising,propagating typical examples in studying and following the moral example of HoChi Minh; creating favorable conditions for advanced models to propagate in theright way, creating propagation in agencies and units.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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