Party to focus on building contingent of capable, virtuous officials
Updated : Monday, May 21, 2018 3:06 PM (GMT+0700)

TheCommunist Party of Vietnam (CPV) will strive to build a contingent of officialswith competence, virtue and reputation befitting their duties.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong
- Photo: VNA

This determination wasmanifested in Resolution No.26-NQ/TW of the seventh plenary meeting of the 12thCPV Central Committee that wrapped up in Hanoi on May 12 and was signed intoeffect by Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong on May 19.

The resolution aims to builda contingent of officials, especially those at strategic level, who are capableof leading the country to become a modernity-oriented industrialised nation by2030, with a vision to 2045 to become modern industrial nation, to realise thetarget of a wealthy people, a strong country, and an democratic, fair andcivilised society.

The Resolution set specificgoals for each period. By 2020, the Party will focus its efforts onbuilding an exhaustive mechanism towards checks-and-balances of power, exerciseutmost efforts in “total eradication” of obtaining positions in the Governmentand Party by illicit means such as nepotism and bribery, and prevent the“self-transformation” and “self-evolution” phenomena among Party members.

By 2030, the Party strivesto build a professional and high-quality contingent of officials at alllevels. It sets at least 40-50 percent of strategic-level officials mustbe capable of working in international environment besides conditions such as15 percent of the contingent being under 45 years old, or all must be “trulyexemplary in political ideology, virtuosity, qualifications, and reputation”.

Similarly, for thecontingent of officials holding leader positions of general departments,departments at the central level, 20-25 percent must be under 40 years and50-60 percent capable of working in international environment. 

For local government’sleaders and officials, 15-20 percent of provincial leaders must be under 40years old, 25-35 percent capable of working in international environment. 

The contingent ofcommune-level officials must be 100 percent university/college graduates andhas received standardised training on political thoughts, ideology, as well astheir job’s skills and knowledge.

For the contingent ofofficials holding executive positions in State-owned enterprises, 70-80 percentof them must be capable of working internationally while upholding “Party’sideology and the law-abiding spirit”.

The Party aims to have atleast 11 scientists cum officials for every 10,000 people.

The proportion of femaledeputies at the National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels is set toexceed 35 percent.

In areas with considerablepresence of ethnic minority population, the ratio of the officials who are fromlocal ethnic minority backgrounds must reflect respective demographic ratio,according to the Party Resolution”.

The Resolution alsohighlights the Party’s two main priorities and five breakthroughs.

The first priority is tocontinue implementing robust and synchronous reforms, tightening disciplinesand regulations while creating an environment conducive to innovation,creativity and commitments towards public service as well as developingmechanisms to protect officials who dare to think and act outside-of-the-boxand dare to take responsibility for the common goods.

The second priority is tofocus on developing the contingent of officials holding key leadershippositions, especially Party secretaries, with an eye set on decentralisation ofpower in order to engender autonomy and innovation and prevent abuse of power.

The Party’s fivebreakthroughs include reforming official contingent assessment; maintaining afirm balance of power, filtering out and replacing unsuitable officials in atimely manner, putting an end to illicit bribery for positions in addition toenforcing serious implementation of the Party’s order that localgovernment-level Party secretaries must not be locals.

Simultaneously isimplementing public servants’ salary and housing reforms to create strongmotivations for officials to be fully committed to their duties, and to craftpolicies and mechanism to enable a fair and competitive environment to draw inand make use of talents; and completing mechanisms to make sure that officialsmust maintain close ties with people and to promote the role of people inbuilding a capable contingent of officials.


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