Implementing synchronous and effective solutions for Phu Yen’s strong development
Updated : Saturday, February 17, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Bythe end of 2017, Phu Yen province has 15 out of 16 indicators reach and exceedthe target set by the provincial People's Council’s solutions. The provincialeconomic growth rate remained stable and maintained at 7.8%; economic structurecontinues to shift in the right direction; Average income per capita was 35.8million dongs, up 9.4% over the previous year; The rate of poor households downto 7.8% by the end of 2017, down 2.2% compared to 2016. Assessing theachievements, Mr. Hoang Van Tra, Deputy Secretary of the provincial PartyCommittee cum PPC Chairman, Head of the provincial NA delegation, informed:

PPC Chairman Hoang Van Tra visiting the KCP Biogas Control Center

- Looking back to the year2017, despite many difficulties and challenges, especially the storm No. 12 hascaused severe damage, affecting the production and life in the locality, butthanks to the in-time direction and assistance of the Central, the sharing ofprovinces, cities and people throughout the country; the efforts of allbranches and levels; The economic, social, defense and security situation ofthe province continued to be stable and developed. Specifically, resultsachieved on the work as follows:

The agricultural, forestryand fishery production has increased over the same period. The national targetprogram for rural development continues to achieve some positive results; 9 morecommunes meeting rural area standards, increasing the number of communes in theprovince up to new rural standards to 40 communes (45%). Business activitiescontinue to recover and develop; Completing to use some factories to create newproducts; The number of registered enterprises increased 32% over the sameperiod.

Service industries havedeveloped in size and quality; Export turnover increased 22% over the sameperiod. Attracting investment has achieved some positive results, attractingmore strategic investors in the province. Urban infrastructure is investedquite spaciously, especially in Tuy Hoa city. Construction work has been focuseddrastically, creating favorable conditions for investors to deploy projects inthe area; simultaneously resolutely recovering works and projects that areallocated or leased land but are delayed.

Phu Yen is well implementingthe objectives of ensuring social security. To fully and promptly implementregimes and policies for subjects as prescribed. The fields of education -training, health, culture, information, physical education - sports have madegreat progress. Political security is maintained, defense is strengthened. PARhas improved positively; discipline go into order; The competitiveness index,performance indicators of the province and public administration improvedsignificantly.

* Especially in the pastyear, Phu Yen province mobilized many resources to invest in infrastructure tomeet the needs of socio-eco development and the administrative reform has mademany positive changes, contributing to attracting many investors to invest inPhu Yen. Can you, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee furtherelaborate on this issue?

- Phu Yen is still aprovince with many difficulties, the annual budget revenue in the area onlymeet about 50% of expenditure needs; The budget for investment ininfrastructure construction is still limited, but in recent years, Phu Yenprovince has tried to mobilize resources to invest in improving itsinfrastructure. Socio-economic development of the locality. In 2017, theprovince has concentrated its investment resources to put into use 425 works,with a total investment of more than 1,850 billion dongs; Notably, there are anumber of large projects such as: Walking route along Doc Lap street (Phase 1);Phu Lac Resettlement Area; Xuan Phuoc - Phu Hai Inter-district traffic routesand anti-erosion works in the area. Along with that, the province has activelycoordinated and facilitated the large projects of the central investment in thearea, especially completing and put into use Ca Pass tunnel, ensuring smoothtraffic, shortening the distance and enhancing the capacity of connecting theregion with Bac Van Phong special administrative-economic unit and Khanh Hoa inthe coming time.

Together with the statebudget, the province has also actively mobilized in various forms ofinfrastructure investment. In 2017, the provincial People's Committee approvedthe investment policy for 45 domestic projects with a total registered capitalof 4,827 billion dongs; Up to now, 154 domestic investment projects and 21foreign investment projects have been granted investment policies with a totalregistered capital of 33.577 trillion dongs and $ 4.743 million, in particulara number of completed projects put into use such as Vincom Plaza Tuy Hoa TradeCenter; Organizing the construction of Phu Yen International Hospital…

Especially, in the beginningof 2018, the province successfully organized the investment promotionconference under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister with the attendance ofmore than 700 delegates who are heads of central ministries; members of theconsultative group of the Prime Minister; ambassadors, representatives ofdiplomatic missions, international organizations, leaders of provinces andcities in the region, more than 350 leaders of enterprises and investors in andoutside the country. The conference was a success. At the conference, theprovincial People's Committee handed over 18 investment decisions andinvestment certificates to investors; 13 notices allow access, investigation,investment research; 1 project memorandum of investment … with a totalregistered capital of $ 2.1 billion and 82,978 billion dongs. Simultaneously,on this occasion, the provincial People's Committee co-operated with investorsto organize the construction of Da Rang bridge, Song Chua bridge on theNational Highway 1, with a total investment of 340 billion dongs; Groundbreaking ceremony of the dairy farm with the total investment capital of 1,151billion dongs. This will be an important resource contributing to theimprovement of infrastructure, serving the needs of provincial investment anddevelopment in the coming time.

* In 2018, in order to achievethe targets of socio-eco development of our province, which tasks and solutionsdoes the PPC need to synchronously and efficiently implement?

- In 2018, with thedetermination of all Party, authorities and people of Phu Yen province willstrive to maintain the economic growth rate of over 8.2%; budget revenuereaches 4,000 billion dongs; mobilizing capital for the whole societydevelopment of 15.8 trillion dongs; total export turnover reaches $ 145million; ensuring welfare, social security and improving people's life;Reducing the poverty rate to below 5.8%. In order to successfully accomplishthe set objectives and tasks, the province focuses on directing and managingthe implementation of a number of major tasks and solutions:

Firstly, continuing to focuson effectively implementing the Action Programs of the Provincial PartyCommittee, the Resolution of the Standing Committee of the Provincial PartyCommittee. Strengthening the mobilization of resources to overcome theconsequences of typhoon No. 12, floods in the province, soon restoringproduction, stabilizing people's lives. Directing the promotion of inviting andattracting investment and creating favorable conditions for investors to soonimplement investment projects in the field of agriculture in the area.Strengthening the prevention and control of diseases on plants and animals;especially aquaculture farming, aquaculture area planning, aquacultureproduction and management of aquaculture cages, especially lobster farmingcage. Promoting forest management and protection; Strictly complying with theprocedures for conversion of forest land use purposes and afforestation.

Secondly, promoting tradepromotion and export. Creating favorable conditions for businesses to accesscredit sources of banks; managing and effectively using the Provincial SupportFund for small and medium enterprises. Continuing to make strong changes inimproving the investment and business environment, raising the competitivenessindex of the province. Promoting tourism promotion; Creating favorableconditions for investors to start soon, speeding up the implementation oftourism projects in the area.

Thirdly, drasticallydirecting in budget collection, coupled with the solution of raising income;Encouraging enterprises and investors to open their branches and head officesin the provinces and make tax declaration and payment. Promoting the quality ofplanning work and strictly manage the approved plannings. Raising the appraisalcapacity, making investment decisions and implementing investment, ensuringproper regulations and procedures. Continuing to create strong changes in newrural areas construction; Reviewing and taking measures to maintain and improvethe quality of the criteria which have met the standards.

Fourthly, elaboratingmanagement regulations and intensifying the inspection and supervision ofimplementing projects on dredging and opening of estuaries; Projects for miningminerals as common construction materials, especially for sand mining projects,shall be implemented in accordance with the approved procedures and planning.

Fifthly, fully and promptlyimplementing programs and policies to ensure social security and sustainablepoverty reduction; Promoting the temporary houses abolishment for poorhouseholds and policy families. Strengthening state management of food hygieneand safety. publicizing and clarifying the undertakings, plans andimplementation of big projects in the province. Intensifying the direction ofthe fight against the crimes; Implementing measures to ensure traffic order andsafety, striving to reduce all 3 criteria on the number of cases, the number ofdeaths and the number of injured.

Sixth, making strong PAR.Increasing administrative discipline; revising the working process andregulations of agencies and units, clearly defining the responsibilities andpowers of each level, each cadre and civil servant in performing their tasks.Developping the project of establishing a provincial public administrativecenter. Reorganizing and rearranging the organizational apparatuses of thedepartments, branches and People's Committees of districts, town and city,ensuring the streamlined, effective and efficient operation in the spirit ofthe Resolution of the sixth plenum of the Party Central Committee ( 12thsession) on the renewal and organization of the apparatus of the politicalsystem.

Hopefully, with the drasticsolutions in the above-mentioned management, in 2018 Phu Yen province willachieve the results of the set targets and plans. On the occasion of the newyear of Mau Tuat 2018, through Phu YenNewspaper, I send wishes of health and happiness to all officers, soldiersand people in the province, throughout the country and overseas Vietnamese.Wishing everyone, every home a new year in security and health, prosperity.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRONG HAO

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