The 10th meeting, Phu Yen Provincial People's Council - Session VII was opened
Updated : Thursday, December 06, 2018 10:39 AM (GMT+0700)

The 10th meeting, the 7thProvincial People's Council -Session VII, term 2016-2021 was officially opened at the hall of the Provincial People's Council. Mr. Huynh Tan Viet, commissioner of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee,Chairman of the 7th SessionProvincial People's Council and comrades of the StandingProvincial People's Council presided over the meeting.

The spectacle of the meeting

Addressing atthe meeting, Mr. HuynhTan Viet emphasized: The 10th meeting session of the Provincial People's Council took placein the context of a positive change in the province's economy but also facedwith numerous difficulties and challenges due to the price of some commodities falling,the weather and epidemics greatly affecting the situation of production,business and people's life. However, with the high determination of thepolitical system, the entire Party, the people and the whole armed force have made great efforts to quicklyimplement the Action Plans, Resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee andthe Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee as well as directing and managingsolutions under the Government's Resolution No. 01, the situationof society-economy, national defense and securityremains stable and has some developmental aspects. There were 11 targets exceeding and 6 targets reaching the plan of the Resolutionset out by the ProvincialPeople's Council.

The chairman of the meeting requested the delegates of the Provincial People's Council and thedelegates attending the meeting to raise the sense of responsibility before thevoters and the people in the province, promote the intellect, focus ondiscussions, considerand decide the important things to create legal corridors for agencies, units, localities andpeople to base themselves on the process of socio-economic development and nationaldefense - security maintenance in the province.

At the opening session, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee,Mr. Nguyen Chi Hienpresented the report on deploying socio-economic, nationaldefense - security tasks in 2018 and the tasksand plans for 2019. Subsequently, the delegates listened to a summaryreport on implementing the State budget revenue and expenditure tasks in 2018;the estimation of theState budget revenues in the province, local budget expenditures; theprovincial budgetallocation plan in 2019; Report on the results of receiving and settling voters' opinions and petitions sentto the 7th session; Conclusions of the session's chairman at the 7th meeting session’sdiscussing,interrogating and answering questions; The comments, promises of leaders of Provincial People's Committee andrelated departments at the seventh session, the Provincial People's Council -Session VII; A summaryreport summarizing the voters’ opinions and petitions sent to themeeting; Presentation report of the Provincial People's Committee on thedraft documents of the meeting; Announcing the work of the Front involved in building theGovernment and the opinions and recommendations of the Provincial FatherlandFront Committee to the Provincial People's Council and theProvincial People'sCommittee at the 10th session of the Provincial People's Council.

This afternoon, the delegates continued to listen to the Provincial People's Procuracy,the Provincial People'sCourt report on the work in 2018, the plan for 2019; the committees of the Provincial People'sCouncil report on the plans, draft resolutions of the Provincial People's Committee andrelevant agencies in the fields; and conduct the group discussions.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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