The provincial Standing Party Committee working with the Party Committee of the provincial agencies’ block
Updated : Wednesday, December 05, 2018 1:20 PM (GMT+0700)

The provincial Standing Party Committee has had a working meeting with the Party Committee of the provincial agencies’ block (PAB)under the regulation with the chairmanship of Mr. Huynh Tan Viet,Commissioner of the Central Party Committee cum Secretary of the provincialParty Committee and Chairman of the provincial People's Council.

Spectacle of the  meeting

According to the report ofthe PAB Standing Party Committee, since the beginning of the term, the Block Party Committee andaffiliated Party organizations have led and directed to concretize theimplementation of resolutions and directives of the central and provincial Partyto reach and exceed numerous targets and tasks set by the Resolution of the 7th Congress of the PAB Party Committee, term of 2015-2020.

In particular, continuing building and promoting solidarity and unity in leading and directing comprehensive implementation of all working fields. The Executive Boardand Standing Committeeof PAB Party Committee strictly implement operation regulations, maintaining the principle of democratic centralism.

Simultaneously, continuing to concentrate and improve the task of educating political thought, building and consolidating clean and strong Partyorganizations, maintaining principles of organizingand meeting in Party, effectivelyimplementing resolutions of the BlockParty Committee...

Concluding the meeting,Comrade Huynh Tan Viet suggested that the PAB Party Committee continue promoting the solidarity spirit, fighting and political will, focusing on overcome shortcomings and improving strengths; developing action programs closely to reality; having solutions and take initiative in grasping situation of Partymembers' mind; protecting internal politics well; developing new Party members, especially paying attention to current political issues. Party members must upholdresponsibility spirit and implement discipline strictly.

Simultaneously, continuing to implementingthe Resolution of the 4thParty Progress (12th term) on building theParty in association with the Directive No. 05 of thePolitburo on promoting the studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh'smoral example; improving quality of the Partycell meetings; monitoring and grasping participation of Party membersaccording to the Regulation 76 ...

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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