Solemnly commemorate 60 years of the traditional day
Updated : Sunday, November 04, 2018 3:22 PM (GMT+0700)

OnNovember 3rd, Air force Regiment 910, the School of Air forceofficers (AO) solemnly commemorated the 60 years of the traditional day ((3/11/1958-3/11/2018).

Musical repertoire to celebrate the Traditional day of the AF910 regiment

Senior lieutenant colonel LaiCong Hoan, head of air force regiment 910 delivered a speech to review thetradition of 60 years of constructing, combating and maturing of the unit : onNovember 3rd, 1958, in Cat Bi (Hai Phong city), the Air force School oftraining primary flying conducted the first military training pilot sessions.

This is the significanthistorical event marking the birth of AF regiment 910-one of the two firstunits of Vietnammilitary people’s force, the predecessor of the current AF school. After 60years of constructing, combating and maturing, AF 910 Regiment has overcomelots of difficulties, challenges, constructing the revolutionary unit,official, elite, modern; always excellently completing the assigned tasks oftraining pilots, serving the combat, combating and completing every singletask. 

The regiment has continuouslyconducted 81 training sessions with 13 types of aircrafts, training hundreds offlight lecturers, flight commanders and thousands of pilots for the nation aswell as other countries. With the excellent achievements in training, studyingand working, AF 910 Regiment has been honored the title of Hero of the people’sarmed forces by the State and the Party in the renovation period as well asmany other noble awards.

“Succeeding and developing thetraditional depth built up in the past 60 years, AF 910 Regiment is continuingto construct the comprehensively strong force, deserving the leading flag inthe tasks of training pilots for the Nation, making contributions to constructingthe AF officer school, the Revolutionary AF-official, elite, modern; ready to receiveand excellently complete all of the tasks assigned by the Party, the State, andthe great belief entrusted by the entire citizens”, senior lieutenant colonelLai Cong Hoan emphasized.

On this occasion, General NgoXuan Lich commissioner of the Politburo cum Minister of Defense sent the letterto commend the cadres, soldiers and the professional soldiers, national defenseofficials of the AF 910 Regiment. The Defense Minister hoped that in the new revolutionaryperiod, the cadres, soldiers, professional armed forces would continue to raisethe great traits and characteristics of the Uncle Ho’s soldiers, enhancingstudy, follow the morality, ideology and working style of Ho Chi Minh, themovement of emulating and being determined to win and the mobilization of“developing the tradition, devoting the talent, deserving Uncle Ho’s soldiers”,making efforts to construct the clean, strong and solid Party committees inconnection with constructing the comprehensively strong unit, fulfilling everyassignment, making contributions with the entire Party, people, soldiers tosuccessfully implement the renovation cause of the Party, deserving the nobleprizes that the Party, the State and military forces have presented.

On behalf of the provincialleaders, comrade Huynh Tan Viet acknowledged and highly appreciated the effortsand contributions of the cadres, soldiers of AF910 Regiment in the movement ofrendering gratitude, taking care of the Vietnamese heroic Mothers; supporting,assisting the people in the regions suffering from natural disasters, floods;coordinating with the localities in the task of preserving, ensuring securityin the localities where they station…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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