Following President Ho’s teachings – key political task of public security force
Updated : Wednesday, May 16, 2018 9:06 AM (GMT+0700)

PrimeMinister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked the entire People’s Public Security forceto be well aware that following late President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings is a keypolitical task of each of its units and officers.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc shakes hands with delegates to the event - Source: VNA

He was speaking at a meetingin Hanoi on May 15 which reviewed the five-year implementation of the Ministryof Public Security (MoPS)’s Directive 05 on enhancing public security officers’studying of and compliance with President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings from 2013 to2018.

The teachings for are: “Formyself, to be a frugal integrity; For the colleagues, to kindly help; For thegovernment, to be absolutely loyal; For the people, to be respectful andpolite; For the work, to be devoted; and For the enemy, to be firmly smartagainst”.

In his speech, PM Phuc saidgood adherence to the teachings means building a steadfast and humane style forpublic security officers and a pure and strong public security force that worksfor the sake of people.

He said there are many goodrole models in the force, noting that even in peacetime, public securityofficers still sacrifice to keep political security and social order andsafety, and ensure people’s peaceful lives.

In the past five years, 47officers have laid down their lives while nearly 1,400 others were injuredwhile performing duties, he noted, adding that more than 600,000 collectivesand individuals in the force have been honoured with many noble rewards by theParty and the State.

The Government leader saidafter more than seven decades, the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh remainvaluable and are the lodestar of every act and behaviour of public securityofficers.

The force needs to pressahead with communication activities to improve its officers’ awareness,morality and lifestyle. The entire sector must tighten discipline and step upcorruption prevention to build a pure and strong force, thus keeping its roleas the key force in the fight against crimes.

It is also necessary tocontinue fine-tuning mechanism to ensure the Party’s absolute and directleadership of the force in all aspects, PM Phuc added.

Reporting on the Directive05 implementation, Deputy Minister of the MoPS Sen. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Thanhsaid the movement “Public security officers study and implement Uncle Ho’s teachings”has been closely associated with the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’sideology, moral example and lifestyle. Relevant campaigns and emulationmovements in the force have spread, helping encourage officers to fulfill theirtasks.

The sector has boostedexamination, supervision, communication activities and commendation of rolemodels to promote the implementation of President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings andthe following of the late leader’s example, he added.


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