Concluding the 7th meeting of the 7th tenure Provincial People’s Council: Approving numerous significant resolutions
Updated : Monday, July 16, 2018 10:00 AM (GMT+0700)

OnJuly 13th, the 7th meeting, the Provincial People’sCouncil, tenure 7th conducted the discussion session at the hall;questioning and answering questions made by the delegates’ approving theresolutions, implementing the concluding session.

The delegates approving the meeting’s resolutions

The meeting was commenced byMr. Nguyen Ngoc, representing the secretary group to present the reports ongeneral ideas discussed at the groups. Through 13 sessions of presenting ideaswith 121 contents, the delegates basically agreed with the reports by thestanding board of the provincial people’s council, the boards of theprovincial  people’s council, the PPC andrelated authorities at the meeting. Simultaneously, the delegates raised ideas,proposals, discussing further to clarify some issues. These included theeconomic growth rate, which, despite reaching the plan, it lackedsustainability; there was not obvious shift in the implementation of the schemefor restructuring  the agriculturalsector ; lacking production land, the situation of purchasing and transferringland at the coastal regions has shown sudden increase; there remained lots ofentanglements in the activity of sand exploitation; there was lateness in thetask of supporting houses for those sacrificing for the nation andrevolutionary in the districts, town and city; lacking the synchronous mannerin administrative reforms; the situation of criminals happened with lots ofcomplication….

The session was continuedwith 16 representatives delivering speeches at the hall on the concernedissues. The delegates of the provincial people’s council did not only show thedirect look into the “hot” issues but also went deeply into analyzing and“questioning the sources” for the responsibilities of the state managementoffices for each entanglement; remaining, causing concern and upset among thevoters. These include the support for eradicating temporary shelters; exams toselect civil servants; supporting the plantation and poultry; the issue ofschool milk; enhancing PCI, PAPI; developing cages and rafts; dredgingchannels; official scheme for judges; signing sugar and sugar cane contract…

Concluding the morningsession, the delegates and peoples listened to the delegates of the provincialpeople’s council question and answer questions from the departments andsectors. On the foundations of considering the questioned contents, ideas andproposals of the functional authorities, the standing members of the provincialpeople’s council selected three issue groups related to the responsibilities ofthe department of natural resources-environment, education-training and Tuy Hoacity to question. In concrete, there was the case of sudden increase in the landprice near the beach; issuing land certificate ownership; managing theoperation of exploiting minerals to use as normal construction materials;environmental pollution in An Phu industrial zone and the self-destructive muddumping areas in Chinh Nghia hamlet, An Phu commune; the result of implementingthe Conclusion 03 of the PPC; the situation of lacking and outnumbering ofteachers and the large number of teachers not signing the official governmentalcontracts; constructing the national standard schools remains low against theplan; school violence; the environment around the cemetery and Tho Vuc garbagedump getting seriously polluted. With the spirit of democracy, straight debate,the delegates “came to the root and top” of the issues and raised questions to determiningdeal with each content to meet the expectations of the voters.

In the afternoon of the sameday, on behalf of the PPC, comrade Hoang Van Tra, deputy head of the provincialParty committee cum PPC chairman, received the ideas and proposals of thevoters and directed the departments, sectors in the province to consider andseriously answer the questions as well as implementing in the coming time.Simultaneously addressing to present and clarify 8 task groups and focalsolutions related to the socio-eco situation in the province, directing and assigningthe concrete tasks to the departments, sectors, localities to implement for thelast 6 months of the year. Comrade Tra also further informed some on the issuesconcerned by the delegates and voters.

Concluding the session, comradeHuynh Tan Viet, commissioner of the central Party committee, Secretary of theprovincial Party Committee cum chairman of the provincial people’s council,emphasized, “the atmosphere of discussing, questioning and answering was reallydemocratic and effervescent; the exchanged ideas were practically straight,concentrating on the intensive assessment, with high quality and efficiencyinto the issues the both delegates and voters are concerned; the leaders of thedepartments, sectors and localities have shown the serious consideration intothe sectors and aspect under their responsibilities, management to have moreefficient overcoming solutions in the coming time”.

Concluding the meeting’sagenda, the delegates conducted discussing and in turn approved the 13significant resolutions with great consensus, among which, there are tworesolutions on exempting and supplementary voting the commissioners of the PPC,tenure 2016-2021.

On behalf of the meetingchairmanship, Comrade Huynh Tan Viet delivered the speech to conclude themeeting and appealed to all of the province’s cadres and peoples to develop thetradition of solidarity, patriotism, making all possible efforts tosuccessfully implement the targets and tasks issued by the provincial people’scouncil in the year 2018.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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