Standing commissioner of the Secretariat Tran Quoc Vuong: The must to know how promote internal forces for development
Updated : Saturday, July 07, 2018 4:36 PM (GMT+0700)

Continuingthe working program in Phu Yen, on July 6th, comrade Tran QuocVuong, Commissioner of the Politburo, Standing commissioner of the Secretariatand the task delegation of the Central Government had the working session withthe Executive board of the provincial Party Committee, leaders of some of theprovince’s departments, sectors and localities on implementing the Resolution ofthe 12th national Party Congress and Resolution of the 16thProvincial Party Committee, tenure 2015-2020.

Spectacle of the working session

The report provided byComrade Huynh Tan Viet, Commissioner of the central Party Committee, Secretaryof the provincial Party Committee cum Chairman of the Provincial People’sCouncil showed that the Resolution of the 16th provincial Partycommittee set 18 main criteria in various sectors and 4 groups of breakthroughsolutions. After two years and a half of implementation, it is estimated thatup to the end of the tenure, 15 out of 18 criteria will have been wellimplemented and it is likely that the targets will have been achieved againstthe Resolution; 3 out of 18 criteria for implementation at low level andunlikely to achieve: the average GRDP growth rate, The average GRDP per capitaand the total export turnover in the locality.

Via the Standing board ofthe Secretariat and the task delegation of the central government, the Secretaryof the provincial Party committee proposed to the central government andministries, central boards to attach attention to the investment into Phu Yenprovince’s socio-eco development.

In concrete: Further investone entire bridge to replace the old Da Rang bridge, which is degrading, thisbelongs to the project of investing into the construction of Da Rang bridge,Song Chua bridge on the national avenue 1 (old); issue policies for Phu Yen toconnect and develop the coordination to ensure the efficiency between the NorthVan Phong economic zone and South Phu Yen economic zone; caring, directing thecontinuation of supporting capital to invest in the essential infrastructureprojects of South Phu Yen economic zone, particularly the common-useinfrastructure of Vung Ro oil refinery and petroleum factory; supporting the capitalfor the province to invest in constructing some hydraulics dams and lakes toserve production; attaching priorities to continuing to arrange capital for theprovince to soon complee the infrastructure of Phu Yen agricultural zoneapplying high technology to attract investment projects with casino operation;supporting the program of developing coastal economy in connection withsolidifying national defense-security, particularly supporting capital for PhuYen to complete the coastal pedestrian; supporting to implement the scheme of 2poor districts 30a in the province (Song Hinh district and Dong Xuandistrict)…Simultaneously, early direct the pilot implementation of some newadvocacies on the cadre task or constructing, issuing mechanism, policies, stipulationsand regulations…on the cadre task to implement the solutions of CentralResolution 4, 5, 6, 7 (tenure XII)…

Addressing at the workingsession, comrade Tran Quoc Vuong acknowledged the province’s proposals;simultaneously expressing the trust with the tradition of solidarity, effortsof the entire Party committee, people soldiers of Phu Yen province, the targetsand criteria assigned by the 16th Provincial Party Committee.Comrade Vuong asserted, leaders of the Party, the State are really concernedand caring towards Phu Yen province.This is shown, right after the success of the 12th NationalParty Congress, the General Secretary, the State President and the PrimeMinister visited and worked with Phu Yen province.

As for the province’sdevelopment orientations, comrade Vuong said that despite difficulties, Phu Yenpossessed lots of potentials and favorable conditions, new opportunities forthe fast and sustainable development. As for traffic, Phu Yen has roads, railroads, sea routes, air travel; with Ca Pass tunnel being opened up for traffic,then Cu Mong pass. Connecting with the highland provinces of Laos,Myanmar…PhuYen also enjoys more favorable conditions than other provinces.Particularly, Phu Yen has the strong points in aqua-culture breeding; Phu Yenfishermen have great experience in offshore exploitation, especially in tunaexploitation. Nature has given Phu Yen the great advantages in the lush paddyfields…Therefore, it is a must to know how to develop those advantages. Inagricultural  production, besides thetraditional factors, Phu Yen must know how how to combine tradition and thescientific, technical achievements; develop processing industry and high-techagriculture.

Comrade Vuong recited thewords by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, “Phu Yen has to have the aspirationfor development, efforts must be made so that to the year 2020, the balance onexpenditure issue will have been solved” and emphasized: For Phu Yen  to develop in a fast and sustainable manner,it is also essential to double check the entire system, particularly at hamletand village levels;  it is also necessaryto master the inner forces, develop the strength of the entire political systemfor development. In parallel with economic development, it is important toconcentrate on well implementing the task of constructing the Party; if workingwell, it is necessary to better do, including the cadre task at the focalpoint. Only when cadres raise the spirit of solidarity, creating strong innerParty forces can the inhabitants trust and follow the Party…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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