Party education commission works to orient public opinion
Updated : Saturday, January 06, 2018 9:49 AM (GMT+0700)

TheCommunist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee’s Commission for Informationand Education needs to proactively provide information to orient public opinionin the fields of politics-economics, culture-society, defense-security,external affairs, and protection of national sovereignty and independence.

Head of the Commission for Information and Education Vo Van Thuong  

Speaking at a conference inHanoi on January 5, head of the commission Vo Van Thuong urged relevant unitsto strengthen coordination and reform the working style to promotecommunication activities in all areas.

He described 2018 as animportant year to implement tasks underlined at the 12th National PartyCongress, noting that the dissemination work must be based on reality to ensurepeace, security and stability.

The commission needs tostrictly follow the direction of the Politburo and the Secretariat of the CPVCentral Committee while strengthening coordination with ministries anddepartments from the central to local levels to complete projects summarisingthe Party’s resolutions, directives, conclusions and decisions, Thuong said.

In 2017, the commission madeactive contributions to increasing public awareness of the Party resolutions.

According to permanentdeputy head of the commission Vo Van Phuong, the commission will enhanceleadership and orientation of press, culture, and art activities in 2018 toencourage people from all walks of life to implement well political tasks ofdeveloping economy, culture, society, defense, security, and external affairsalong with building the Party and political system.

It will step up the internalprevention of corruption, wastefulness, and “self-evolution” and“self-transformation” behaviours as well as fight against distorted informationand allegations of hostile forces that aim to harm the Party and State, hesaid.

The commission will inspectthe implementation of the Party’s resolutions and directives on education,training, science, technology, environment, health care, and social affairs.

It will work with theMinistry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to build a project reformingsalary policy and social insurance for revolutionary contributors.

The commission will increasedissemination of external information on seas, islands, border demarcation andlandmark planting, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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