Announce the decisions of transferring and appointing cadres
Updated : Friday, May 11, 2018 2:43 PM (GMT+0700)

OnMay 9th, Tuy An district’s Party Committee organized the conferenceof key cadres to announce the decision by the Executive Board of the ProvincialParty Committee on transferring and appointing the Secretary of Tuy Andistrict’s Party Committee, tenure 2015-2020.

Comrade Luong Minh Son, Standing deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee
donating the decision to comrade Dang Le Tien, the newly-elected Secretary of Tuy An
district’s Party Committee

At the conference, Head ofthe organizing board of the provincial Party committee, announced the Decisionnumbered 3398/QĐ-TU by the executive board of the provincial Party Committee,appointing comrade Dang Le Tien, commissioner of the provincial Party Committeecum Director of the Internal Affairs Department to hold the position of the Secretaryof Tuy An district’s Party Committee, tenure 2015-2020 to replace comrade LeHoang Sang.

Donating the decision,presenting flowers and congratulating comrade Dang Le Tien, Standing deputysecretary of the provincial Party Committee, Mr. Luong Minh Son highlyappreciated the process of working in the position of Director of the Departmentof Internal Affairs by Mr. Dang Le Tien and showed the great trust that withthe new position as the head of the Party Committee of Tuy An district, comradeDang Le Tien is going to excellently complete the assignment.

Comrade Luong Minh Sonrequested comrade Dang Le Tien to continue developing the role of the head withgreat prestige, solidarity, being united and gathering the cadres and theinhabitants to join hands with the executive board of Tuy An district’s Partycommittee to make all efforts to overcome difficulties, challenges, trainingand constructing the cadre staff who inherit and be in charge of meeting therequirements in the new situation, completing the criteria stipulated in the Resolutionof Tuy An district’s Party Committee tenure 2015-2020.

Comrade Luong Minh Son alsohighly appreciated the contributions of comrade Le Hoang Sang in the positionof secretary of Tuy An district’s Party committee in the past time and showedthe hope that in the coming time, while awaiting to retire, comrade Sang wouldcontinue contributing both experiences and intellectuality to the Party and thedevelopment of Tuy An district.

Addressing to be appointed,comrade Dang Le Tien showed the appreciation to wards the care and trust sparedfor him by the Provincial Party Committee and the executive board of theProvincial Party committee. The newly-elected secretary of Tuy An district’sParty committee promised to continue making efforts, develop intellectually andcompetently in the new roles, joining hands with the executive board, standingboard of the district’s Party committee, successfully direct the implementationof the Resolution of the district’s Party Committee.

Comrade also hoped tocontinue receiving the care of the provincial Party committee, the standing andexecutive board of the provincial Party committee, the great consensus of theexecutive board, the standing board of Tuy Ann district’s Party committee aswell as from the cadres, citizens in the district to join hands in greatsolidarity to overcome any challenges, difficulties so as to complete allassignments.

 * On the same day, thePPC announced the decision of appointing the director of the Department of InternalAffairs to comrade Vo Duc Tho, commissioner of the provincial Party Committee, Secretaryof Son Hoa district’s People’s Council. The time for being in the new positionis from 9/5/2018 to 20/6/2022.

Addressing to assign thetasks, PPC Chairman, Mr. Hoang Van Tra, congratulated comrade Vo Duc Tho andshowed the belief that this is the glory as well as a great and hard task. Assuch, the PPC Chairman requested comrade Vo Duc Tho to highly raise the spiritof solidarity and consensus within the office; continue to consult the PPC towell implement the tasks of cadres, civil servants, officials, particularly thetasks of raising higher efficiency in the state offices, attracting talentedpeople, dealing with cases of cadres and civil servants causing trouble…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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