Government assigns tasks for ministries, localities
Updated : Thursday, January 11, 2018 9:09 AM (GMT+0700)

TheGovernment has issued Resolution No. 138/NQ-CP following the conference withlocal administrations and the regular Cabinet meeting in December 2017. 

At the regular Cabinet meeting in December 2017 - Photo: VNA

The resolution defined thetheme of 2018 as “rule adherence, integrity, action, innovation, efficiency”,and called for joint efforts to build an effective and pure administrativesystem, and fulfill socio-economic development tasks and the State budgetestimate in 2018 and for 2016-2020. 

Ministries, agencies andlocalities were asked to make thorough preparations for Tet (Lunar New Year),with attention paid to localities affected by natural disasters, those indifficult circumstances and ethnic minority-inhabited areas. 

Ministries andministerial-level agencies should take the initiative in handling petitions oflocalities, the resolution said. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Office wastasked with supervising the work. 
Localities were required to continue improve business environment, productivityand competitiveness of every sector and areas towards the goal of getting thecountry into the top 4 of ASEAN in terms of competitiveness and businessenvironment. 

The government asked ministriesand ministerial-level agencies to build plans for the revision and making oflegal documents, requiring that ministers and heads of agencies to take directcharge of the work in order to timely remove shortcomings of existing laws andregulations related to land, construction, housing, investment, business andsocial welfare policies. 

Local administration wereurged to improve dialogues with people and the reception and processing ofpetitions on problems arising in the implementation of mechanisms, policies andlaws, in order to timely report to relevant ministries and agencies forsettlement. 

The resolution urged pushingforward with the one-stop-shop model in handling administrative procedures,cutting meetings and redundant documents and reports, while continuing tosimplify procedures related to business inspections and conditions, and reducecosts for enterprises.

Ministries, centrally-runagencies and local administrations were required to focus on completing legalframework and mechanisms for the application of information technology andbuilding of e-government towards the goal of all units of ministries,centrally-run agencies and provincial People’s Committee working online by theend of 2018.


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