Drastically deal with the remaining, creating the consensus among the population
Updated : Saturday, August 04, 2018 2:41 PM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has just organized the periodical tele-conference of the PPC for July 2018on assessing the situation of economy-society, national defense-security ofJuly, the task program of August and approved some related contents. Theconference was chaired by Comrade Hoang Van Tra, Deputy secretary of theProvincial Party Committee, PPC Chairman and the Head of the ProvincialParliamentary Delegates.

PPC Chairman Hoang Van Tra addressing to direct the conference

In July as well as the first7 months of 2018, the situations of economy-society, national defense of theprovince continued to be stable and developed. Agricultural production wasfairly favorable; the task of preventing and combating epidemics on plants,poultries and animals has been enhanced; the agricultural value reached 1,401.9billion dongs, an increase of 7.6% against the same period; the accumulatedfigure for 7 months is 10,310.6 billion dongs, reaching 57.6% of the year plan.The state budget of July is 470 billion dongs; the accumulated figure for Julyis 2,423 billion dongs, reaching 61% of the assigned target by the province.

However, the situation ofsociety-economy for the first 7 months of the year remain such issues as theresults of implementing some targets in the total investment capital of socialdevelopment, export quota was low against the plan; the operation of producingand trading faced certain difficulties; the task of compensation,site-clearance  has not shown positiveshift; the progress of implementation of the works was still slow…

Addressing to direct theconference, comrade Hoang Van Tra requested the levels, sectors to strictlyobserve the regulations, administrative discipline in implementing the assignedtasks. Each level, sector has to double check the results of implementing thetargets, tasks in the coming time, particularly the low-achieved targets.

Simultaneously requestingthe Department of Agriculture-Rural Development to strictly implement theregulations on managing the breeding and raising aqua-culture products usingcages, rafts; coordinate with the localities to check, double check thesituations of lacking daily use water and irrigation; consult the PPC to takemeasures  to deal with; actively implementthe plans of preventing and combating natural disasters, floods, storms andseeking, rescuing in the year 2018. The Department of NaturalResources-Environment and the localities enhance the strict management againstthe exploitation of minerals, particularly exploiting sand in the locality,protecting the environment…

The Department of Planning-Investmentwould urgently consult plans to allocate tasks to the related units toimplement the projects in the list of the projects to commemorate the 30 yearsof re-establishing the province; completing, presenting the PPC the scheme ofenhancing the PCI to the year 2020. The localities concentrate to definitelydeal with the remaining in the land issue in some localities. Simultaneously,the departments, sectors and localities need to well implement the publicannouncement of information, adjusting the information supplying to the press,administrative reforms to create the trust and consensus among the population.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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