NA adopts two resolutions, three bills
Updated : Wednesday, June 13, 2018 10:03 AM (GMT+0700)

TheNational Assembly convened a plenary session under the chair of NA ChairwomanNguyen Thi Kim Ngan on June 12, passing two resolutions and three bills.

The National Assembly passed two resolutions and three bills on June 12 - Photo: VNA

In the morning, thelegislature approved a resolution approving the State budget balance in 2016and another on the NA’s supervision programme, with 95.48 percent and 92.2percent of votes.

Under the NA resolutionapproving the State budget balance in 2016, total budget revenues stood at1,407,572 billion VND, and total spending at 1,574,448 billion VND, translatedinto overspending of 248,728 billion VND, equal to 5.52 percent of the Gross DomesticProduct (GDP). The overspending was financed by domestic loans (197,165 billionVND) and foreign loans (51,563 billion VND). 

The resolution on the NA’ssupervision programme for 2019 said at the 7th session, the NA will considerthe Government’s supplementary report on socio-economic performance and statebudget implementation in 2018 and the first months of 2019. 

Meanwhile, three draft lawsadopted at the sitting are the Law on Cyber Security, the Law on Competition(revised) and the Law on Denunciation (revised). 

The Law on Cyber Securitywas approved with 86.86 percent of votes. 

It has 7 chapters and 43articles, regulating activities to protect national security and ensure socialorder and safety on cyberspace, and responsibilities of agencies, organisationsand individuals concerned. 

Before voting, the NA hearda report delivered by Chairman of the NA Committee for National Defence andSecurity Vo Trong Viet on the revisions made to the draft law based on NAdeputies’ opinions. With 95.28 percent of approval votes, the NA passedthe Law on Competition (revised), which has 10 chapters and 118 articles. Thelaw will take effect as of July 1, 2019.

Meanwhile, the Law onDenunciation (revised) was adopted with 96.1 percent of votes. It will take effecton January 1, 2019.

In the afternoon, thelawmakers discussed the draft law on amendments and supplements to a number ofarticles of the Law on Higher Education. They emphasised the need to issue thislaw and commented on higher education system, administration and autonomy oftertiary education institutions, organisation and management of training,financial mechanisms for higher education, and State management on universityeducation, among others.

Minister of Education andTraining Phung Xuan Nha explained and clarified some of these issues.

On June 13, the NationalAssembly will debate the draft Law on Anti-Corruption (revised). The discussionwill be broadcast live on the Vietnam Television, Radio the Voice of Vietnamand the NA Television Channel.


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