Learning and following Uncle Ho with practical deeds
Updated : Friday, May 19, 2017 3:39 PM (GMT+0700)

The Revolutionary life, particularly the great morality of President Ho Chi Minh are always aspired and followed by all people. On the 127th anniversary of the date of birth of Uncle Ho  (May 19th, 1890 - May 19th, 2017), Phu Yen Newspaper takes the honor to introduce the thoughts, affection of the provincial citizens towards the Great President…

HUYNH VAN QUOC, VICE CHAIRMAN OF PHU YEN ART AND LITERARY ASSOCIATION: Work seriously and creatively in the art sector

In recent years, the entire country in general and Phu Yen province in particular have launched the mobilization of creativity in journalism, art and literary with the theme of learning and following the morality, ideology, working and living manner of Uncle Ho. Through which, discovering, introducing, recommending typical role models and multiplying the collectives, individuals with great living manners, working styles as to the ideology and morality of Uncle Ho in all social life aspects. There is nothing greater and more meaningful in making it practical when following uncle Ho’s teaching guidelines than for the provincial artists to continue responding to the mobilization with better works, with  greater persuasion and longevity in the readers’ and viewers’ minds. As such, it’s essential to create the  close relationship between life and creative, serious art working life.


Every May, we fishermen feel very nolstagic missing Uncle Ho and that urges us to make effort to work well, try the best for socio-eco development, contributing with the entire province to further develop in the integration process. Following Uncle Ho’s teaching guidelines, lots of fishermen generations have strongly stretch offshore to cling to sea, both to earn a living and contributing to protecting the homeland’s sea and islands. All of my life has been close to catching fish at sea, despite lots of hardship, this profession brings about considerable happiness and affection, solidarity, so does it make us closer. This is also the great pride living in the homeland’s sea and islands and stretch offshore simultaneously. I myself and lots of other fishermen show our great gratitude to Uncle Ho, The Party, the State for constant attention attached to us in the past time with preferential policies. Particularly, since the day the province supported constructing An Vu embankment, the local inhabitants have been so much excited and joyful with more and more immense houses being built with no longer worrying about being eroded.

MA BUON, THE INHABITANT OF THE CONSTRUCTING HAMLET (SUOI TRA COMMUNE, SON HOA DISTRICT): Working, manufacturing to overcome poverty and hunger

Uncle Ho is the Great leader, the beloved Father of Vietnamese compatriots including us, the ethnic compatriots. Thanks to Uncle Ho, the Party, the investment by the State, we can have the current life with progress and positive changes in the highlands regions, mountainous regions. The villages and hamlets have got electricity, concrete roads, which facilities the traveling for the inhabitants, the depraved customs, superstition…have been set back …Thanks to the support of the government, the National Father front, collectives, lots of compatriots have known how to work, earn, reduce poverty, enrich themselves  and instruct other families to follow suit. Showing the gratitude to Uncle Ho, showing the gratitude to the Party, I do see I myself and other compatriots have to try more to get rid of poverty and hunger. Once this is done, our household economy can be better, contributing to constructing the villages and hamlets towards civilized life. Besides, we have to remind each other of not listening to bad people to do bad things  that do harm to the nation’s great solidarity, teach the off springs how to live a useful life for the society.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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