APEC leaders fail to agree on joint statement
Updated : Monday, November 19, 2018 10:05 AM (GMT+0700)

Leaders from 21Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies on November 18 were unableto sign a joint statement at the 26th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in PapuaNew Guinea in the context of deep divisions between the US and China over tradeand investment. 

Leaders from 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies on November 18
were unable to sign a joint statement at the 26th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in
Papua New Guinea - Source: Reuters

For the first time in the history of APEC, the leaders havefailed to come up with a formal joint statement. 

Speaking at a closing press conference, Papua New GuineaPrime Minister Peter O’Neill said as APEC host, he would release a Chairman’sStatement later on the day. 

He said the reform of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) wasthe main issue causing differences among the APEC leaders. 

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted thatdifferent visions on particular elements with regard to trade hindered therelease of a statement document.

The annual gathering, held for the first time in Papua NewGuinea since it joined the forum in 1993, was overshadowed by trade differencesand competence for greater influence in the Pacific region between the US andChina. 

However, US Vice President Mike Pence and Chinese PresidentXi Jinping had held talks for two times within the framework of the APECsummit, Pence told the press.  

At the 26th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, themed“Harnessing Inclusive Integration, Embracing the Digital Future”, the leadersof the 21 member economies discussed measures to enhance integration, maintaincomprehensive growth and promote the digital economy.

APEC groups Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, HongKong (China), Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, NewZealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, ChineseTaipei, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.

Source: VNA

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