ADMM 12: ASEAN, dialogue partners strengthen defence cooperation
Updated : Sunday, October 21, 2018 9:45 AM (GMT+0700)

DefenceMinisters of the ASEAN bloc and eight dialogues partners (Australia, China,India, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Russia and the US) haveagreed to step up collaboration to counter terrorist threats, and consolidatemutual trust and understanding.

ASEAN defence officials at the 12th ADMM - Photo: VNA

This is the main content ofthe two joint statements issued in the framework of the 5th ASEANDefence Minister’s Meeting Plus (ADMM Plus) taking place in Singapore onOctober 20.

The ministers reaffirmedADMM-Plus as a key component of a robust, effective and open regional securityarchitecture that promotes mutual trust and confidence among the defenceestablishments. 

They recognised that it isimportant for the ADMM Plus to put in place practical confidence-buildingmeasures that are in the spirit of the ASEAN Political-Security CommunityBlueprint 2025, to ensure the safety and security of the sea and air lanes thatare critical for the region’s continued development and prosperity.

They reaffirmed theircommitment to abide by the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES) andimplement the Convention on the International Regulations for PreventingCollisions at Sea 1972. 

They welcomed the ADMM’sadoption of the Guidelines for Air Military Encounters and its OperationalAnnexes on Observing Existing Aviation Conventions and Rules, Safe andProfessional Communications, Standard Flight Procedures, and Encouraging MutualTrust and Confidence in the Air. 

The ADMM Plus expresses supportin principle for the initiative and intends to explore the application of theseguidelines by the ADMM Plus in consultation with ADMM Plus countries  soas to ensure a safe, secure and peaceful operating environment in the aviationdomain, the statement said. 

Regarding counter-terrorismcooperation, the ministers pledged to work together to explore new forms ofcollaboration to build ASEAN capabilities in tackling the threat of terrorism.

The ADMM Plus meeting alsodiscussed and agreed on measures to bolster cooperative mechanism withinADMM-Plus, with an emphasis on ASEAN’s central role and responsibility of thepartners. 

Lieutenant General Vu ChienThang, Director of the Foreign Relations Department under the Ministry ofDefence, said that at the meeting, Vietnam presented specific recommendationsto strengthen the collaborative ties between ASEAN and partner countries.

With China, Vietnam suggestedthe formation of direct communication lines between ASEAN and Chinese defenceministers, holding of the first ASEAN-China exchange of young officers, andestablishment of a joint working group.

Vietnam proposed that the UShelp enhance capacity of ASEAN member states in the fields of sea security,humanitarian assistance, search and rescue work, and settlement of post-warconsequences.

With Japan, Thang said thatVietnam affirmed its support for the implementation of Japan’s “VientianeVision” and asking the East Asian country to continue support for the ASEANbloc in environmental protection, particularly water security.

In addition, Vietnam backedinternational efforts and extension of cooperation to prevent terrorism andterrorist sponsorship in any forms.

On the sidelines of theADMM-Plus, there were informal meetings between ASEAN defence ministers and theUS Secretary of Defence, and defence ministers of China and Japan, discussingways to improve capacity for ASEAN and its member states, contributing tomaintaining regional peace and stability.


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