Myanmar President calls for more efforts in ASEAN Community building
Updated : Wednesday, August 08, 2018 3:28 PM (GMT+0700)

MyanmarPresident U Win Myint has called on the Myanmar people to exert more efforts toboost socio-economic development and actively engage in the ASEAN Communitybuilding process, thus contributing to peace, stability and prosperity in theregion and the world.

Myanmar President U Win Myint (second, left) and the ASEAN countries' leaders at the
32nd ASEAN Summit in Singapore - Photo: VNA

The President made the callon August 8 on the occasion of the 51st founding anniversary of theAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 

President U Win Myint saidMyanmar, as a responsible member of ASEAN, has been in full cooperation withother member states in the implementation of ASEAN Community Blueprints,regional integration and community building.

With a view to realizing aninclusive, united, resilient and innovative ASEAN Community, he said ASEAN isworking together in improving the quality of lives of the people throughvarious cooperative activities in education, health, human resourcesdevelopment, environmental protection, disaster management and sustainabilityof natural resources.

He added that ASEAN is alsoplacing high priority on the promotion of cultural cooperation andpeople-to-people engagements in order to forge a stronger sense of identitytowards ASEAN.

Despite attaining manyachievements in community building efforts, the President warned that ASEANtoday is facing with emerging traditional and non-traditional challenges, henoted.

In addressing the issues ofcommon concern such as transnational crimes, terrorism, cyber security, climatechange and environmental degradation, food and energy security, President U WinMyint underlined that ASEAN has been able to demonstrate the collectivestrength and resilience that lies at the core and become more united in the faceof these challenges.    

In 2018, the theme of theassociation is to build a self-reliant and innovative ASEAN, aiming tostrengthen efforts to cope with future challenges.

Myanmar, along with Laos,joined the regional grouping in July 1997 at its 30th anniversary.


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