MLC foreign ministers support open world economy
Updated : Tuesday, December 18, 2018 9:22 AM (GMT+0700)

Foreign ministersfrom six Mekong-Lancang Cooperation (MLC) countries have highlighted theimportance of an open world economy and the maintenance of a rules-basedmultilateral trade system with the World Trade Organisation at its core.

Foreign ministers from six Mekong-Lancang Cooperation countries pose for a photo at the
meeting in Laos - Photo: VNA

In a press statement released after the conclusion of thefourth MLC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Laos, ministers from China, Laos,Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam reaffirmed that the MLC will be basedon the principles of consensus, equality, mutual consultation and coordination,voluntarism, common contribution, and shared benefits.

They also reiterated respect for the United Nations’ charterand international law, as well as aspired towards a spirit of friendship,openness, and inclusivity.

The ministers agreed to promote the synergy of nationaldevelopment strategies, bring into full play resource endowment and competitiveadvantages, promote rational flow and optimal allocation of production factors,and to start a discussion on jointly building a MLC Economic Development Beltfor mutual benefit and shared prosperity. 

They also pledged to conduct high-quality production capacitycooperation and speed up the formulation of a cooperation plan on connectivityamong the Mekong-Lancang countries and development plans of cross-bordereconomic and production capacity cooperation.

The ministers expressed readiness to work together for thecomplete success and positive outcomes of the fifth MLC foreign ministers’meeting to be held in December 2019 in China and the third MLC leaders’ meetingin January 2020 in Laos.

The first MLC leaders’ meeting took place in March 2016.

Source: VNA 

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