Lifting students’ foot to schooling
Updated : Wednesday, September 05, 2018 2:03 PM (GMT+0700)

Aspreparations for the new school, final days of August witnessed theorganizations, political organizations, enterprises, individuals in theprovince as well as outside the province implementing lots of practical activitiesto help poor students. Thanks to this, the students in the remote regions havereduced difficulties to get ready for the new school year.

The program of Biking to school donating 25 bikes to mountainous students

Phu Yen Center for Social taskhas just coordinated with the charity group “sharing love” (Ha Noi) to present giftsto primary students of An Thach primary and secondary school (Tuy An district).

With a bright smile, the5-grader Pham My Chi , shared, “when receiving the invitation letter tothe school to get the gift and scholarship, I was so excited”. As for the4-grader Nguyen Hoang Khanh Tien, said, “My family has three children inlearning ages while my parents do not have stable income with part-timeemployment, we could not afford learning utensils and textbooks for theschool-year. Lat month, a charity group presented books and notebooks and now Ieven get new clothes, 500,000 dongs from the philanthropists, I am so happy”.To add strength for the students when the new school year approaches, more than430 gifts, scholarships are directly donated to the children by the charitygroup “sharing love”.

Joining hands with the unitsand companies supporting the students to go to school, Bao Viet Nhan Tho PhuYen insurance company coordinated with the department of labor-war invalids,social affairs, Vietnam fundfor patronizing Vietnamchildren in Phu Yen province donated 25 bikes to the students in threemountainous regions. The 7-grader Ho Lien of Suoi Bac secondary school (Son Hoadistrict) was so happy receiving the bike from the program “bikes to school2018”, this student shared, “ I have an old bike given by a relative. Thejourney form home to school is nearly 5km but some days the bike “gotuncontrolled” and this meant I was late for class. Sometimes I did not manageto have money for bike repairing, I had to take a lift. Now that I have gotthis new bike, I am so much happy and no longer worry about being late forclass”. The family of the student named Y Phin, class 9B of Nguyen Hao Susecondary school (Xuan Phuoc commune, Dong Xuan district) is a poor household.For ages, Phin has never got a bike, hence, walking to school or taking a liftused to be the choice. Y Phin said, “I have got the new bike and I amdetermined to study well so as live up to the expectations of the uncles andaunts”.

25 bikes, each valued nearly2 million dongs sponsored buy the program are donated to the students indifficulties are practically meaningful gifts in terms of helping the studentsto feel safe going to school. Mrs. Pham Thi Minh Hien, vice director of Phu Yendepartment of labor-war invalids-social affairs, let known: this support isreally meaningful in the context of annually Vietnam having over 200,000children quit schooling, one of the main reasons is the journey beingexperienced by walking, too far the distances. Lots of children who live inremote areas have to walk from 5km to 10km or even farther to school. Thesedifficulties, have considerably impacted the learning outcomes and thelikelihood of continuing schooling of the children. Via this program, we hopeto propagate, enhance the awareness of citizens in  society of the protection of children’srights, joining hands to assist the children.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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