Countries condemn attack on Vietnamese tourist bus
Updated : Sunday, December 30, 2018 10:26 AM (GMT+0700)

Many countries havecondemned a bombing attack on a bus carrying Vietnamese tourists in theEgyptian province of Giza that killed four persons, including three Vietnameseon December 28 (Egypt time). 

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli visits victims in El-Haram hospital
- Source: Youtube

In a statement, spokesperson from the US Department of StateRobert Palladino affirmed that Washington will stand with Cairo in the fightagainst terrorism and help government of the North African country bring theperpetrators to justice. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terroristattack in Egypt, including those against foreign tourists, and expressedsupport to Egypt’s steps to fight extremism. 

The ministry warned Russian citizens in Egypt to remaincautious and avoid travelling to areas where the terrorist threat is high.

Head of the European Union delegation in Egypt Ivan Surkoscalled on the international community to stand united against terrorism. 

Meanwhile, UK Ambassador to Egypt Geoffrey Adams expressedhis condolences to families of victims and all those affected in the incidenton his Twitter page, affirming that the UK will partner with Egypt in the fightagainst terrorism. 

Regional countries, including Arab Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait andBahrain, also condemned the attack and pledged to join hands with Egypt againstviolence plots and terror attacks, while expressing their hope that the injuredwill soon recover. 

A bus carrying Vietnamese tourists was hit by a roadside bombnear the world-famous Giza pyramids at 6:15pm on December 28 (Egypt time) or23:15pm (Vietnam time), killing three Vietnamese and an Egyptian.

There were 18 people on the bus at that time, including 15Vietnamese tourists and three Egyptians, said the Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt.

Of the 12 Vietnamese injuries, 10 are seriously injured andbeing treated in hospital.

The improvised explosive device was placed neara wall along the Mariyutiya street in Al-Haram district,near Giza pyramid. 

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Nabil Sadek then requested animmediate investigation into the attack.

On December 29, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announcedthat the police killed 40 terrorists in raids in Giza and North Sinai provincesin the morning the same day, a day after the attack.

Source: VNA

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