Create a new appearance for mountain traffic system
Updated : Monday, November 05, 2018 7:40 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen province has been building a series of bridges, culverts crossing streamsto create favorable conditions for people in mountainous areas to travel both convenientlyand safely. Currently, the executing units have accelerated the implementation,made efforts to ensure the safety of travelling as well as transportingagricultural products.

Bridge construction in Son Hoi commune, Son Hoa district

Nearly one last year, peoplein An Linh mountainous commune, Tuy An district feel peace in mind whencrossing the stream. Over the streams of Thai Nghiep, Cai Vung 2, Cai Vung 8and Doc Lo Ham have been built bridges, culverts with reinforced concrete.Since bridges, sewers were built, people here have no longer been struggling torun through the stream when the water rises.

Mr. Tran Van Tuan in Thai Longvillage, An Linh commune, let known, “Since the bridge over the Doc Lo Hamstream, people here are safe in travelling, the transport of agriculturalproducts is also much more convenient than before. The people in the villagehave fulfilled the dream for so many years. In heavy rainy days, thanks to thebridge was built so the area is no longer divided. Especially the students,they do not have to wade river to school or be at home for many days on heavyrainy days anymore.”

According to the ManagementBoard of the province's investment projects, the unit has been carrying out theconstruction of 18 bridges and sluices in disadvantaged communes in Tuy An, SonHoa, Dong Xuan, Phu Hoa, Tay Hoa districts and Song Cau town; total investment isover VND 39.8 billion. These bridges and culverts are part of the component 3project of the bridge component - LRAMP project in the province under theproposal to build the bridge to ensure the traffic safety for ethnic minoritiesin the period of 2014-2020, which is invested in 50 provinces and cities acrossthe country. This project is funded by World Bank loans and counterpart fundsfrom the central budget. In particular, Phu Yen province is allocated USD 2.95million (nearly VND 70 billion).

Mr. Nguyen Khoa Khanh, DeputyDirector of the Management Board of the provincial construction investmentprojects said: Because bridges and culverts crossing streams are in placeswhere the terrain is quite dangerous, transporting raw materials and organizingconstruction was difficult. During the last days, heavy rains, the rising ofstream water caused the construction progress affected. The construction unit hadto take advantage of favorable weather conditions for construction. On Son HoiBridge, the contractorhas implemented 70% of the workload. In particular, the bridge has beenbasically completed, the contractor has been building the two ends of bridgeand the surface. Some other bridges are also completed basically.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. LeVan Khuon, Chief supervision consultant of Phu Yen Investment and ConstructionConsultant JSC, all bridges and sewers belonging to the project have been underconstruction. Despite the appearance of early rains and difficulties in transportingmaterials due to the complex terrain, with the efforts of the contractors, theprogress is pushed up to the highest possible level, meeting the plan.Constructing bridge abutments and bridges has been accelerated by contractorsto complete before the rainy season of 2018. The important bridges will be completedbasically so that people can travel temporarily during flood season.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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