Heading towards e-government and digital economy
Updated : Thursday, November 01, 2018 11:24 AM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC and FPT company have just signed the M.O.U on cooperating in thedevelopment of digital economy. This is considered one of the significantcontents for Phu Yen to construct the e-government, heading towards thedevelopment of digital economy; contributing to successfully implementing theResolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress.

Provincial leaders and FPT at the signing ceremony

According to the PPC, Phu Yenhas schemed the regions concentrating on developing main-forces economy and IT,digital technology application as one significant content particularly cared bythe PPC. The FPT partner is fully competent to introduce the applications ofnew technology into lots of socio-eco sectors, contributing to the province’senhancement in economy, stabilize society, security and national defense.

As to the compromisedagreement, from now until the end of 2020, the PPC and FPT are going tocooperate in the sectors of IT application to construct e-government, smarttourism, e-medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, education and training.FPT is also going to coordinate with the province’s schools in the province toconduct human resources’ training, sharing experience in the training programsto help students get access to new technology.

FPT conducted constructing thescheme of Phu Yen e-government in the period of 2018-2020 with strategies andcomprehensive manner in connection with the overall scientific methods andconcrete sectors, ensuring the feasibility in later implementation; simultaneouslyconsulting, introducing the province with the latest technology, achievementsin the IT sector.

Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc, FPTgeneral director, lets known: with the scope of e-government, FPT implementsthe most modern solutions applied all over the province, district, commune andcomprise all of the system of public services for the internal management likemanaging official correspondence, civil servants, creating the uniform withinthe entire government system.

In parallel with that, we arealso implementing informatics technology in many sectors like medicine,traffic, education, tele-communication; applying IT to digitalize, advertisethe tourism destinations, relics, scenic spots in Phu Yen to domestic andinternational tourists. FPT is also cooperating with the province to constructthe system of IT to manage the e-hospitals, integrate information from thehospitals to form the medicine database in the localities.

For the digital technology inPhu Yen to be invested and applied for a long time, the PPC is going to supportFPT to get access to the demands in applying and developing IT into the tasksof managing, monitoring as well as supplying the services for offices,enterprises and inhabitants in the province.

When it comes to the tasks ofinvestment, cooperation with FPT, PPC Chairman Pham Dai Duong let known: in thepast years, FPF has always been the pioneering unit in the sector ofIT-telecommunication in Vietnam.As for the investment potentials in the province, Phu Yen has the majorpotentials for development.

Although the conditions ofinfrastructure, connecting traffic of Phu Yen are more difficult than otherprovinces, currently, the province is being gradually improved. Traffic can beconnected with the entire province, nation. The natural conditions fordeveloping sea tourism and agriculture of the province are possible to developthe strength and attract major investors…

The provincial PartyCommittee, the PPC are determined to attract large projects with the vision ofsustainable development. The province’s orientations and applying FPT’sprogressive technology will bring about high efficiency to Phu Yen’sdevelopment in the future.

The contents of cooperationand investment in developing digital economy between the PPC and FPT promisethe likelihood of constructing Phu yen into the locality with progressive modelin applying science and technology, particularly in managing, monitoring,serving the socio-eco development, ensuring security and national defense.

This is also the goodcondition for the province in administrative reforms, enhancing the servingquality for the inhabitants and enterprises; creating environment forattracting domestic and foreign investment; helping increase tourism, trade andindustry; constructing infrastructure, applying technology to transactions ofindustrial products.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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