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Updated : Wednesday, October 10, 2018 7:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Adelegation from the National Assembly's Committee for Science, Technology andEnvironment has recently had a meeting to supervise implementing policies andlegislation on science, technology and environment in Phu Yen province. Accordingly,the delegation appreciated the achievements of the province in the past time,and made suggestions to help the province develop strongly in the coming time.Phu Yen Newspaper had a dialogue with Deputy Director of Science, Technologyand Environment Committee, Mr. Phung Duc Tien, head of the delegation tomonitor this issue.

The delegation surveying in field at Dac Loc Seafood Company

* What do you think aboutthe results that Phu Yen province achieved in deploying the National AssemblyStanding Committee's Resolution 297 on improving the effectiveness of implementingpolicies and laws for science and technology development?

 - In the past time,Phu Yen has actively implemented the Resolution 297. In particular, theprovince has timely set out guidelines, policies, amended, supplemented andreformed policies and management towards the efficiency, quality; researchingand applying science and technology projects in the direction of applicationand replication; concretizing the policies and regulations of the CentralGovernment on science and technology development. Through this, the province hasbasically improved the legal environment for science and technology in thelocality, creating conditions to encourage scientific forces to contributetalent and intellect to the science and technology development in the province.

Phu Yen province alsocontinued to consolidate the organizational structure of the provincial scienceand technology apparatus to ensure the streamlining and effectiveness,implementing the mechanism of self-control and self-responsibility for scienceand technology organizations; continuing researching to found theprovincial-level scientific and technological development fund; at the sametime, encouraging to establish science and technology development fund inenterprises in order to mobilize social forces into developing this field.

The province has also set upthe intellectual property development program for the period of 2017-2020 forkey products; besides, it’s necessary to continue to promote the research anddevelopment of some brands for specific products in Phu Yen area…

* Based on the survey ofHoang Long Vina Production and Trading Limited Company (Dong Hoa district) andDac Loc Seafood Limited Company (Song Cau township), what do you assess aboutthe model of these enterprises?

 -According to the roadmap up to 2020, there will be 3,000 science and technologyenterprises nationwide, but there have been only 300 enterprises. We identifiedenterprises as the center of innovation, however, during the past time, manyprovinces have not created favorable conditions.

Therefore, many enterpriseshave met the criteria of science and technology enterprises but not recognized asscience and technology enterprises. Therefore, only 37 enterprises nationwideare entitled to preferential policies on science and technology. Among them arePhu Yen 2 enterprises accredited; a enterprise of researching and producingfertilizer NPK with a seed used for some plants by high tower seed technologyfor sustainable agricultural development, the remaining enterprise of applyingadvanced science and technology in shrimp farming. The number of science andtechnology enterprises in Phu Yen province is very small. However, I think theyare really the science and technology enterprises to produce products for social-economicdevelopment.

Hoang Long VinaManufacturing and Trading Limited Company has been actively developing andexpanding the market in the South of Vietnam; Meanwhile, Dac Loc Aquaculture LimitedCompany has raised the shrimp breed reaching standard with the system of nethouse farming, aiming to protect the environment and develop tourism.

* Phu Yen province has beenalso facing many difficulties in implementing Resolution 297, what direction andrecommendation do you have, sir?

 - The delegation wouldlike to share with difficulties Phu Yen has been experiencing in the scienceand technology application. In the coming time, Phu Yen province has a lot ofpotentials for agricultural development with applying high technology, so theprovince needs to continue creating favorable conditions for enterprises;promote developing safe and quality products; developing human resources forhigh technology... For the provincial proposal, the delegation will absorb andsynthesize to send to the National Assembly for consideration.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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