Announcing the 1/500 scheme of Phuong Hoang Garden luxury urban area
Updated : Tuesday, September 18, 2018 10:56 AM (GMT+0700)

IRBLandreal estate company Ltd. has just organized the ceremony of announcing theproject, 1/500 scheme of Phuong Hoanggarden luxury urban area.

IRBLand real estate company Ltd. donating the 500 million dong gift for constructing
affection houses for the poor households

The project has the scope ofaround 77.6ha constructed on the locality of Phu Dong ward (Tuy Hoa city) andis located within South Phu Yen economic zone. The main investor is IRBLandreal estate company Ltd (a member of IRBHoldings) with the total investment forthe first phase of 1,250 billion dongs, and about 5,000 billion dongs for thelater phases.

The project of Phuong Hoanggarden luxury urban area comprises 2 hotels and 5-star apartment zones, 5complex buildings, 508 adjacent houses, 226 villas and 326 city houses. Thisurban area is also invested for such other categories as art exhibition center,space for displaying the stone-carving works, medical center connecting withinternational hospitals, international kindergarten,  commerce center,cinema, 4-season swimming pool, fitness center, children playground, childrenswimming pool…

Besides, to meet the demandof tourism development, the project includes two marinas to serve tourists toPhu Yen tourism destinations of Xuan Dai bay, Da Dia reef, Vung Ro bay and VanPhong bay (Khanh Hoa)…. 

At the ceremony,  IRBLanddonated the gift of 500 million dongs to Tuy Hoa city to support theconstruction of houses for poor households in the locality.

Addressing the ceremony, PPCstanding vice chairman, Nguyen Chi Hien, acknowledged that the project ofPhuong Hoang  garden is one of theprovincial focal projects, simultaneously contributing to promoting theprovince’s socio-eco development.

Comrade Hien also requestedthe investors to urgently implement the following steps to soon invest andconstruct the project as to the rate of progress as to the approved plan;related departments and Tuy Hoa city complete site clearance to transfer landto the investor as well as creating the most favorable conditions for theinvestors to implement the next steps.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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