Paving the way for green energy projects
Updated : Tuesday, April 10, 2018 9:19 AM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen province has the potentials to develop green energy source. Some greenenergy projects such as biomass, solar power have been implemented effectively;some investors approached, researched, surveyed and set up projects to exploitrenewable energy sources in the province.

A solar power project on roof being implemented in Tuy Hoa city

The KCP Biogas Plant of VietnamKCP Industrial Company Ltd. (Son Hoa district) was built in 2015 and officiallyconnected to the national power grid in April 2017. The plant utilizes the remainingsugarcane residue from the KCP Sugar Plant to generate biomass power. This isthe first time in the country to have a biomass power plant linked with thenational power grid.

According to Mr. K.V, S.RSubbaiah, General Director of Vietnam KCP Industrial Limited Company, the KCPBiomass Power Plant project has the total capacity of 60MW with the investmentcost of nearly VND 1.300 billion. Last year, the factory completed Phase 1 withthe capacity of 30MW. Currently, the project has been deployed phase 2 toincrease the capacity up to 60MW.

Apart from biomass power,Phu Yen province also has a solar power project serving public lighting in DocLap walking street. The project is invested with over VND 2 billion; supplies powerfor 14-sprinkler’s irrigation, art lighting system in the area of ​​6ha andfresh-water bath shower; which has helped the province to save more than VND 60million per year. In addition, an investment project on a solar sugarcaneirrigation system by the Center of Industry Consulting and Energy Saving(Department of Industry and Trade), which supported a farmer in Son Hoa mountainousdistrict, is also put into operation, helping people in remote areas withelectricity for production and living.

Recently, the ProvincialPeople's Committee has put forward a list of 14 potential sites for the developingsolar energy projects with a total area of ​​5,166 hectares and an expectedcapacity of 3,541 megawatts, in order to create favorable conditions forinvestors to get access, research and implement solar power projects. The sitesare in the flat mountain, specialized land, water surface or paddy fieldsplanned as multiform industrial parks… In particular, the three mountainousdistricts of Song Hinh, Son Hoa and Dong Xuan can be developed 4 solar projectson the specialized water surface of Song Hinh, Song Ba Ha, Buon Duc and PhuXuan reservoirs with the total area of ​​3,900ha with the estimated capacity of2,640 MW.

The province has now allowed20 investors to approach, study, survey, set up the adjustment document andsupplement the power development plan for 19 projects of solar power, windpower with a total capacity of over 1,260MW. The Provincial People's Committeehas also submitted the Ministry of Industry and Trade to appraise and approve16 solar and wind power projects with the total capacity of over 1,210MW.

PPC Vice Chairman, Mr. TranHuu The, lets known: In the province, there are some areas in disadvantages foragricultural crops. However, the number of hours of sunshine here is very high,suitable for developing solar energy. There have currently been about 20investors registering, approaching to research and develop wind power, solarenergy into the province. The province has also created favorable conditionsfor investors to approach and survey; Simultaneously, proposed the Ministry ofIndustry and Trade to consider and add these projects to the overall planning.

Besides, Phu Yen province hasadjusted planning the difficult and ineffective areas for production toprioritize the implementation of solar and wind power projects. With theadvantage of "clean" land, when the projects are allowed, theprovince will continue to support human resources, transportation and otherconditions. It can be said that Phu Yen province has been ready for the mostbasic conditions to begin green energy projects.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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