Great determination to complete the task of collecting budget in 2018
Updated : Saturday, January 06, 2018 11:05 AM (GMT+0700)

2018is the third year implementing the Plan of developing society-economy, nationaldefense-security for the 2016-2020 period according to the Resolution of the16th Provincial Party Congress. This year, the Provincial People's Council issuedthe resolution to assign the tax department with the budget revenue of VND 4trillion. Talking with Phu Yen Newspaper onthis content, Mr. Cong Van Lanh, Deputy Director of Taxation Department, let known:

Assembling wooden products for export in Hoa Hiep Industrial Zone

- In 2017, some branches andfields of production and business in the province have encountered with manydifficulties, natural disasters and epidemics, which has affected the operationof enterprises and revenue collection. However, under the leadership anddirection of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Council,the Provincial People's Committee, the Ministry of Finance, the GeneralDepartment of Taxation, the coordination of the whole political system togetherwith the efforts of civil servants, Phu Yen taxation sector has excellentlyaccomplished the assigned political task. Completion of the 2017 revenue planis the driving force for the whole sector to perform this year. However, 4,000billion is still a very challenging number, requiring tax officials to be thebiggest determination to complete this year's revenue task.

* As you said, completingthe 2017 revenue plan is the driving force for the tax administration toperform this year. Can you tell us some of the results achieved in last year'sbudget collection?

- In 2017, the province’stotal budget revenue is VND 3,809 billion, reaching 125% of the central budgetestimate, reaching 100.5% of the province's estimate, up 18.8% over the sameperiod last year (absolute number increased by VND 602 ​​billion). Inparticular, revenues in the budget balance is VND 3,657 billion, reaching100.5%; collection for management over the budget is VND 152 billion, reaching100% of the plan. All districts, town and city collected over the provincialestimates, Tuy Hoa city achieved the highest revenue of VND 638 billion, reaching154.5%.

 * How is the budgetplan for 2018, sir?

- In 2018, Phu Yen TaxDepartment continues to actively take measures to manage tax collection rightfrom the first days of the year. Specifically, the sector will continue tostudy and propose tax incentives, shorten time to deal with administrativeprocedures related to investment to create favorable conditions for attractinglarge-scale investment projects in the area to nurture and supplement therevenue in the long term, contributing to the provincial socio-economicdevelopment. Tax officials will analyze the factors affecting the productionand business situation which have affected the budget collection in the area toforecast and consult leaders at all levels to timely remove difficulties in themechanism of policies and administrative procedures to create conditions fororganizations and individuals to boost investment in developing production andbusiness to increase revenue sources for the budget.

The Tax Department alsoenhanced taxpayers' support, continued to implement the program "Phu YenTaxation Department to accompany the start-up", simultaneously, to step upthe comprehensively modernizing the management of tax registration, taxdeclaration, tax payment, tax reimbursement and tax accounting on the basis ofexpanding e-services, striving to further reduce the number of working hours forthe tax declaration, tax payment, tax refund according to the general policy ofthe Government…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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