Developing the roles of farmers in constructing new rural areas
Updated : Wednesday, September 13, 2017 3:14 PM (GMT+0700)

Constructing new rural areas (NRA) is the task implemented by the entire political system, society, and the main roles are played by farmers, who directly enjoy the fruitful outcomes. In the past years, Farmers’ Associations at all levels in the province have closely followed the 19 criteria in constructing NRA, concreting into action plans and selecting the tasks compatible with functions, tasks, operating realities at each association level or implementing and achieving the encouraging results.

An Phu commune’s farmers (Tuy Hoa city) making concrete roads

In 2011, implementing the Resolution of the Central Association and the resolution of Phu Yen provincial  Party committee on implementing the National target program on constructing NRA, the provincial farmers’ association has implemented to all of the entire province’s association levels to mobilize among all members and farmers. For the inhabitants to respond to this program, all association levels have organized propagating, mobilizing member and farmers in lots of diversified forms; simultaneously mobilizing members to actively take part in constructing the rural infrastructures, implementing the tasks of gathering and donating land for making traffic and inner-field roads, taking part in working days, counter balancing expenditures to build rural traffic roads, solidifying channels and ditches.

Mr. Ho Thanh Hieu, Chairman of Tuy An district’s Farmers Association, excitedly shared, “the association has determine the utmost important tasks being propagating to all cadres, members and farmers to understand what NRA is, who constructs NRA, how are the main roles of farmers in constructing NRA shown?... Via propagating activities, the awareness of cadres, farmer members of constructing NRA has been obviously enhanced. Currently, the locality has constructed 56 models of constructing NRA, 23 models of efficient economy doing and services of supporting farmers, establishing 28 models of protecting the environment; mobilizing farmers to contribute 9,534 working days, nearly 26 billion dongs, donating nearly 9,720m2 of land for constructing rural traffic roads and hamlets’ cultural houses”.

Continuing to implement the scheme of “raising the roles, responsibilities of Vietnam Farmers’ Association in developing agriculture, constructing new rural areas and building up the class of Vietnam workers in the period of 2010-2020 of Phu Yen farmers’ association from 2017 to 2020, in the coming time, the province farmers continue to enhance the task of propagating to make drastic shifts in the awareness so as to contribute to successfully implementing the target of constructing NRA to the year 2020. According Mr. Phan Dai Thang, vice chairman of the provincial farmers’ association, the greatest point in this movement is that in the past 5 years, when it comes to value, it is uncountable, and this includes the great consensus and trust of the people towards the government being enhanced, enhanced and asserting its main roles.

“With its own responsibilities, The farmers’ association has set 9 concrete solutions in the coming time, for the entire province’s farmers’ associations to continue enhancing the tasks of propagating, making drastic changes in the awareness of the cadres, members, farmers of the contents, benefits, the necessities, advantages, difficulties in constructing NRA. Organizing for the cadres, members and farmers to take part in studying in some models, good ways of doing in other localities, from which to lay foundations for selecting and constructing models compatible with the practical situations of the association and locality”, Mr. Le Du, chairman of the province’s farmer association, lets known.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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